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Your Guide to Digital Choice Boards: Here’s Where to Start with Laura Boyd – Easy EdTech Podcast 140

November 30, 2021

In this episode, world language teacher, Laura Boyd joins to discuss how to get started with digital choice boards with students. If you’re new to digital choice boards, Laura takes you through the steps of where to start. You’ll also hear some of her favorite digital tools and extra resources to put digital choice boards into practice in the classroom.

This week’s podcast is titled: Your Guide to Digital Choice Boards: Here’s Where to Start with world language teacher Laura Boyd and I’m so excited to explore this topic today. If you’ve used digital choice boards and are looking for more tips, or if you haven’t used digital choice boards and want to know what they’re about, you are in the right place. I saw Laura tweeting about digital choice boards and reached to her to see if she’d join me to chat about her experiences. 

Laura was kind enough to carve out some time after school so there may be a couple points during our recording that the zoom buffers a bit but I’m confident that you will get everything that you need from this episode to put digital Choice boards into practice in your classroom or if you are supporting Educators and recommending they try out digital Choice boards this episode has you covered too. At the end of the episode some things up like I always do and give you some things to consider and some places to go for some extra resources around digital Choice boards.

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Digital Choice Boards Tips

  • First, work backwards.
  • Next, establish a vision (6 choices).
  • Then, remove extra steps.
  • Finally, include an exit ticket.

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