Free Stuff & Edtech Favorites

Planner Pages for Educators

I've created these PDF digital planner pages to help you plan your week. This document includes: a standard daily planner template, a monthly at-a-glance calendar, goal setting sheet, and more!

60+ Time-Saving Prompts

Have you used ChatGPT? This ebook has dozens of prompts designed specifically for educators who want to try out artificial intelligence and save time! Find prompts for emails, activity ideas, productivity & more.

Graphic Organizers For Students

Ready to start making movies in your classroom? Try these simple and customizable graphic organizers you can use with Adobe Spark or any favorite movie-making tool.

EdTech Essentials Study Guide

Grab the new study guide for my book EdTech Essentials. This workbook gives you a page of questions for each of the 12 chapters in the book. A great compliment to a book study or personal deep dive into this resource for teachers.

Explore my Amazon Influencer Storefront to find some of my favorite Edtech books, gifts for educators, books from past podcast guests, and links to every day Edtech items that I think you'll love.

The Easy EdTech Club is a monthly membership designed to help tech-friendly teachers and coaches (like you!) dive into one EdTech topic each month and get access to exclusive resources.

EdTech Comic Strip Templates for Teachers & Educators

15 Comic Strip Templates

These are perfect for retelling, sequencing events, and giving students a space to be creative! Download my 15 ready-to-use comic strip templates with quick instructions for finding and making your own.

Tips for the Best Year Yet

Ready to make this the best year yet? I've created an ebook with 12 strategies for you. Start any month of the year, and tackle these tips in whatever order you like.

Video: 13 Youtube Tricks for Teachers

Must-Try Youtube Tips

Make the most of YouTube with 13 of my favorite tips and tricks! These tips will help you save time, find "just right" videos, navigate quickly, and easily share videos with students and families.

Free Gift: Spring Cleaning - 10 Quick Tips to Organize Your Google Drive

Quick Tips For File Organization

Try out the tips from this "spring cleaning" guide all year long! 10 Quick Tips to Organize Your Google Drive includes strategies that are customizable for Dropbox, Office365 and more!