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Are you Curious about AI?

My goal has always been to help make EdTech easier for educators. With generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools gaining popularity, I’m excited to offer educators resources that align to this goal.

The resources I spotlight below are designed to: 

Free downloads

10 Ways School Leaders Can Use AI Tomorrow

Looking to bring a touch of AI magic into your school? This free ebook unpacks ten ideas you can start using today, tomorrow, or at any point this school year. It includes quick ways to integrate AI into your daily routines, offering a handful of my favorite tips and tricks. 

60+ Must-Try ChatGPT Prompts for Teachers

Have you used ChatGPT? This ebook has dozens of prompts designed specifically for educators who want to try out artificial intelligence and save time! Find prompts for emails, activity ideas, productivity & more.

Artificial Intelligence Resources

Quick Reference Guide, eBook & Membership opportunity

Using AI Chatbots Quick Reference Guide

This QRG (affiliate link below) includes tips for teachers who are brand new to artificial intelligence and ideas that coaches and administrators can use to support classroom practices, too.

EdTech Essentials: 12 Strategies for Every Classroom in the Age of AI, 2nd Edition

Timely and accessible, the 2nd edition of the book shares ways to prepare students to be productive, responsible users of technology in the Age of AI.

AI in Education Membership

Designed for teachers and educators who want to stay ahead of the curve, this membership offers a comprehensive and curated monthly experience that will keep you up-to-date on the latest trends.

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"Monica delivered an outstanding opening keynote at our AI Summit, setting the stage perfectly for the day."

“Monica delivered an outstanding opening keynote at our AI Summit, setting the stage perfectly for the day. Her engaging and comfortable speaking style, combined with insightful stories and practical AI strategies for educators, captivated our audience. Attendees at her follow up sessions appreciated her invitational approach, which fostered quality discussions and provided clear, pragmatic guidance on integrating AI in education.” 

Gail Ross-McBride, Director EdTechTeacher, Dedham, Massachusetts

"This was incredible..."

“Monica facilitated an excellent presentation for our teachers and instructional staff at a districtwide summer learning conference. The session provided an informative introduction to AI, shared several tools and resources to boost teacher productivity, and incorporated helpful prompts for applying AI to planning and instruction. Participants shared that this was one of the best sessions they attended at the conference and that they are excited to learn more: “This was incredible and I’m so excited to see how else to use AI!”

– Tiffany Judkins, Coordinator of Professional Learning at Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

Professional Learning Opportunities

Do you want to set up your educators for success this school year? This year, I’ve hosted numerous in-person and virtual workshops to help educators explore chatbots and generative AI. These sessions help educators become better informed and prepared to interact with artificial intelligence, save time on tedious tasks, and generate ideas to support assessment, differentiation, and student engagement goals.

Workshops & Sessions

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"Monica's expertise in the realm of AI in education was evident from the moment she began the workshop."

“Monica’s expertise in the realm of AI in education was evident from the moment she began the workshop. Her ability to break down complex concepts into practical strategies for leveraging AI to enhance instructional planning resonated deeply with our teachers. Throughout our time together, Monica not only demystified the role of AI in education but also provided concrete examples and hands-on activities that allowed our teachers to envision its application within their own classrooms.”

– Tzvi Bernstein, Head of School, Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy, Stamford, Connecticut

More Artificial Intelligence Resources

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New Blog Posts on Class Tech Tips

Explore new AI posts on the blog! Learn about Artificial Intelligence tools for teachers, strategies that leverage AI & more!

Easy EdTech Podcast Episodes

Listen to my conversations with educators! You'll learn about how educators are using AI in their classrooms, schools, and districts!

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"Increase efficiency, accelerate workflow, and increase productivity as they move students forward."

“Monica led several sessions at the conference on artificial intelligence to help Northeast’s educators understand the basics of chatbot technology and what’s new in generative AI. The feedback from her sessions were positive as educators enjoyed exploring a variety of tools that will help jumpstart task creation and differentiate in their classroom. Educators also noted they can immediately use the skills they learned from Monica’s sessions on AI to increase efficiency, accelerate workflow, and increase productivity as they move students forward.”

Tiffany Middleton, Director of Employee Development, Northeast Mississippi Community College

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"Intentional, instructional flow..."

I participated in a two-part virtual workshop and I was very engaged in her presentation. Monica provides a great overview of AI and more specifically, how teachers can utilize it to save lesson planning time. She provides a “how to use” Ai, as well as introduces us to different AI platforms. Her intentional, instructional flow allows educators of various experiences in AI to comfortably inquire, explore, and create activities.

– Heidi Unten, Teacher at Kailua High School, Maunawili, Hawaii

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