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Are you looking to build interactive lessons this school year? I’ve been a fan of SMART for a long time now and used their interactive whiteboards as a classroom teacher. Their original desktop software helped me create lessons that I could project onto the interactive whiteboard screen in my classroom. I used this software to […]

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In this episode, you’ll learn from music educator Jessica Peresta about the very best music tools for educators. You’ll hear about cross-curricular connections, how to work with your current technology set up, and how listening skills and movement play a role. Music Tools for Educators Music educator Jessica Peresta shares her favorite music tools in […]

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Have you thought about starting a STEM Academy program at your school or district? Do you have an after-school program and want to expand into STEM and coding? There are lots of benefits to creating programs that include computer science and coding elements. But even when you know that this type of program is essential […]

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