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Have you used online resources to help students understand the dangers of underage drinking? Red Ribbon Week takes place from October 23rd to October 31st. This week is designed to educate youth about drug prevention. It was first sponsored by the National Family Partnership in 1988. In this blog post I’ll share free teacher lesson […]

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Can EdTech help address issues related to elementary achievement gaps in your classroom? Educational technology tools used strategically can alter how students interact with classroom resources. In elementary classrooms, the integration of digital resources can vary greatly. They might be used with a whole group or small groups of students, or with individual students. The […]

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In this episode we’ll discuss how students, families and colleagues can benefit from video playlists.  You will hear some tips and strategies for compiling and distributing video playlists to different groups that you work with over the course of the school year. Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform: iTunes/ Apple Podcast App Google […]

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