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Do you teach digital citizenship in your classroom? Digital citizenship doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of a set curriculum. Instead, you can integrate digital citizenship lesson ideas into student learning experiences in any subject area. Regular readers of the blog know that I love the ebook creation tool Book Creator. You might have […]

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In this episode, I’ll highlight seven creative summer project ideas using the open-ended creation tool Adobe Spark. You’ll hear how to access and use the free Adobe Spark tools for student and teacher creations. We’ll look at ideas for teacher creators and student projects you can tailor to different grade levels and subject areas. Listen […]

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How can you create activities that engage students during online classes? Making sure that students are interested in and excited about the content you share is essential. You can create an environment for online learning that is visual, engaging, and fun. Earlier this spring, the folks at Raptivity reached out to me to share two […]

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