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In this episode we’ll discuss how you can learn from other folks who attend conferences while you stay at home. You’ll hear strategies for attending online conferences that don’t require any travel, as well as ways to follow along with a conference when you don’t plan on making the trip to the event! Subscribe to […]

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This year I’ve partnered with Soundtrap to share their very special podcast series. Over the next three days, Soundtrap will release a brand new podcast episode featuring the very best news from ISTE. Below, you’ll find a special message — I can’t wait for you to check it out! How to Empower Student Voice with […]

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The end of the school year is often a time for reflection. As a classroom teacher, I spent time reviewing resources, making wishlists, and thinking about what I wanted to bring along into the next school year. In addition to our own goal setting and planning, this time of year is perfect for student reflections. […]

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