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Hi there! I'm Dr. Monica Burns and I help make EdTech easier for teachers and educators.

My blog, podcast, books, and membership site are all designed for educators who want to stay on top of what’s new in EdTech. I help you use technology to empower students as creators, design meaningful formative assessment, and reach every learner.

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Here's what I'm all about

I help educators leverage the power of technology in the classroom strategically. Educational technology is essential but it doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Tasks Before Apps

Tasks Before Apps isn't just the title of one of my books, it's a phrase I come back to in so many of my conversations with educators. There are plenty of bright and flashy tools, EdTech (educational technology) is really about putting the learning front and center.

Light & Practical

When you want to build an EdTech tool belt keeping it light and practical is the goal. This might mean that you have just several go-to tools you use frequently and a couple you introduce to students a few times a year. I can help you find the best EdTech tools for your tool belt.

EdTech is a Non-Negotiable

Technology can help educators check for understanding, give students space to create, and empower learners of all ages to build the skills necessary for both today and tomorrow. We can work together to make sure your students are ready to navigate digital spaces.

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Each week you'll find new blog posts featuring lesson ideas, new EdTech tools, and ways to use technology in your K-12 classroom. Don't forget to use the search bar on the blog, too!
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Easy EdTech Podcast

Every Tuesday I talk with a new EdTech expert about trends in EdTech, tech-friendly lesson ideas, strategies for community building, and more. Follow the podcast on your favorite app!
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EdTech Books by Monica

Learn about my EdTech books and quick reference guides that take a deeper dive into technology integration strategies, including my new book for ASCD, EdTech Essentials.
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Easy EdTech Club

The Easy EdTech Club is a monthly membership designed to help tech-friendly teachers and coaches (like you!) save time and use digital tools with intention.
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Free guides and resources for educators + learn about some of my "must-have" EdTech items with links to my favorite books, products, and plenty of extras for you to explore.
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Workshops & events

As an EdTech consultant and EdTech workshop facilitator, I travel around the world (on airplanes and through Zoom) to host professional development for educators. Learn more about how to bring me to your next event.
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Here's my story.

From my classroom to your classroom... an unexpected journey to creating an online EdTech space for educators.

My teaching career began in a classroom with chalk, textbooks, and an overhead projector — and it looked pretty much the same as when I was a fifth grader. But within a few years, we traded overhead projectors for iPads… and that’s a big part of the reason there is a website here for you to find today.

I credit the start of my journey with a phone call… from an organization who wanted a teacher (me) to tell just a couple more teachers about ways to use technology with students.

Well, I showed up to an event that wasn’t “just a few teachers,” but a few hundred educators looking for help as they navigated the fast-changing world of education technology.

So I jumped on stage in front of a packed house and started sharing the ways my students and I used technology in our classroom.

Monica Burns - EdTech Speaker & Consultant typing on her computer
Monica Burns, EdTech Consultant, speaking on stage for educators at a Professional Development Day

When the teachers who showed up that night started asking for the name of my blog, my Twitter handle, a link to my presentation… I didn’t have an answer.

I hadn’t thought that my knowledge or experience was worth sharing, that it could help someone else, or that just maybe… my tips, strategies, and EdTech favorites would be useful to a larger audience.

That was 2012, let’s fast forward a decade to today…

Now I have:

Led Hundreds of Workshops for Educators

Including full day and half day workshops at schools and districts throughout the United States and abroad. Virtual workshops like webinars, classroom visits with demo lessons, and coaching are a few ways I offer support.

Spoken at Events on 3 Continents

From events like ISTE and FETC in the United States, to conferences in Australia, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom, I've been invited to speak at popular EdTech conferences and events around the world.

Authored Several Books, including EdTech Essentials

My newest book for ASCD, EdTech Essentials: The Top 10 Technology Strategies for All Learning Environments (2021) is an accessible, practical guide to incorporating the EdTech skills and strategies in every learning setting.

Reached Oodles of Educators Around the World

You can find me sharing pictures, links and resources with tens of thousands of followers on social media including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin. Find the links to follow along at the bottom of this page.

Written and Recorded Hundreds of Blog Posts and Podcast Episodes

As a blogger since 2012 and a podcaster since 2019, I've published hundreds (getting close to the thousands) of blog posts here at ClassTechTips each week, and on my Easy EdTech Podcast every Tuesday morning.

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Participants left excited and inspired! Highly recommend her!

“It was a pleasure working with Monica. She collaborated with us in order to tailor the sessions to meet the unique needs of our program. Her easygoing style and manner of presenting gave educators the confidence they needed to try new things. Participants left excited and inspired! Highly recommend her!”

– Debbie Higdon, Director, School in the Park, San Diego

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