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Educator, Author, Speaker & EdTech Consultant

When I started my career in education as a classroom teacher in New York City, writing an “About Me” page for a website would not have been on my to-do list. My teaching career began in a classroom with chalk, textbooks, and an overhead projector — and it looked pretty much the same as when I was a fifth grader. But within a few years, we traded overhead projectors for iPads… and that’s a big part of the reason there is a website here for you to find today.

I credit the start of my journey with a phone call… from an organization who wanted a teacher (me) to tell just a couple more teachers about ways to use technology with students.

Well, I showed up to an event that wasn’t “just a few teachers,” but a few hundred educators looking for help as they navigated the fast-changing world of education technology. So I jumped on stage in front of a packed house and starting sharing the ways my students and I used technology in our classroom.

When the teachers who showed up that night started asking for the name of my blog, my Twitter handle, a link to my presentation… I didn’t have an answer.

Signing books at ISTE 2019. Photo Credit: Al Thomas

I hadn’t thought that my knowledge or experience was worth sharing, that it could help someone else, or that just maybe… my tips, strategies, and EdTech favorites would be useful to a larger audience.

That was 2012, fast forward to today… I’ve had the chance to work with educators on three continents, speak at events like ISTE, SXSWedu, and EdTechXEurope, and reach thousands of educators through my books, my website ClassTechTips.com, my podcast, and my social media accounts.

It’s been an exciting ride for sure, and I’m so lucky to spend most of my time with teachers and kids in classrooms, connecting with educators at conferences, and writing about EdTech.

So now that you know a bit more about my story, I want to make sure you know a few ways I can support your work this year:

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When I’m not leading a workshop, writing about EdTech favorites, or waiting to board an airplane, you can find me near the beach, diving into a good book, or working on a new salsa recipe.

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Dr. Monica Burns speaking at .EDU 2018 in Monterrey, Mexico 

Monica’s mission is to help educators place the tasks before apps and promote deeper learning with technology.

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FAQs for Monica

You are always welcome to send an email my way — my response time is pretty good — but if you need a super quick answer, here are a few frequently asked questions.

Can you speak at our next event? How does it work?

I love working with educators and travel to schools and events in different parts of the world. If you are looking for a keynote speaker, featured speaker, or someone to lead a handful of concurrent sessions at your next event, let’s talk! This page gives you a bit more information on what it looks like to work together, but you can skip the visit to that page and just send an email my way if you want to set up a time to talk — monica@classtechtips.com — is the best way to reach me.

How often do you work with schools?

Although my Events Calendar gives you a sense of my appearances at big events, I also spend time with schools and districts throughout the school year. Some months are busier than others, but I typically spend time in classrooms, planning with teachers, or hosting a regional training, several times per month.

Do you only have long-term relationships with schools/districts, or can you host a workshop, or speak to our staff for just one day?

Yes! I love spending lots of time at the same school to develop relationships with educators who are trying out new EdTech strategies and appreciate the feedback and support. I also know that it can be hard to budget both time and funds to bring a PD facilitator to your school. So the answer is “yes” — I’d love to visit your school or district for a one-day event too.

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I’m an EdTech company and want you to feature my tool on your website, how can I make that happen?

If you head over to my blog you know how much I love sharing favorites. So if you’re an EdTech company with a great product or service to share, I want to hear all about it! Send me an email with information on how your tool can support students and teachers. Once I take a look I’ll let you know if you’re a good fit for the site and I’ll share some ways we can partner to get the word out to others!

I see you host public webinars, but I want you to lead a webinar just for my school, is that possible?

Absolutely! I host webinars and virtual professional development that is tailored to the needs of a specific school. This webinar can happen before or after a site visit, or we can schedule one instead of having me travel to your school. Reach out to me directly via email to discuss pricing and availability.

Do you host book clubs or have study guides for schools looking to host a book club?

I love a good book club and have used Flipgrid to host book clubs for my books. Make sure to join my newsletter list to get notifications for the next book club. If you’d like to set up a book club for your school, you can use this Tasks Before Apps study guide or send me an email if you’d like me to lead the book club virtually.

If we want to buy a large number of your books, is there a discount?

You bet! Each publisher works a bit differently — yet all offer a discount. I’ve had organizations purchase 25 books and a district purchase 800 copies, so it’s totally up to you. Just send a message my way, and I’ll get you connected to the right folks to make it happen.

Have another question, or just ready to connect? Send an email to: hello@classtechtips.com

Monica Burns testimonials