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5 Ways to Prioritize SEL in the STEM Classroom

This SEL in the STEM classroom event is sponsored by Unruly Studios. All opinions are my own.

How can you prioritize social-emotional learning in the STEM classroom? Later this month, I’ll share five ways to make SEL a priority in your STEM classroom this school year. Join us for this free webinar! You’ll also get access to a free set of SEL lesson plans and learn all about Unruly Splats.

Unruly Splats is a fantastic STEM tool used in K-8 classes across schools in the US and Canada. You might remember how I partnered with them for a webinar earlier this school year all about STEM and play. Well, I’m excited to join them again this year for a brand new webinar!

UPDATED — WATCH the recording here >>

Unruly Splats STEM Resources

Are you new to Unruly Splats? Their memberships include exploratory coding activities for students to do at home, synchronously and asynchronously, or in-person in the classroom. Splats virtual activities are designed to spark engagement and creativity while students work together remotely to code home fitness circuits, memory challenges, morse code messages, and musical songs to dance to!

Students can work together as a group or at their own pace to explore various virtual activities that mix STEM with your SEL goals.

Unruly Splats are programmable floor buttons that students code using an iPad or Chromebook to tell Splats when to light up, make sounds, or collect points when they are stomped on. Using block-based coding, students code the rules to create games like whack-a-mole, relay races, and dance competitions and then play them with classmates. Splats also has a virtual platform where students code on their devices remotely, and instead of stomping on physical Splats, use Virtual Splats on a screen to play collaborative games or activities.

In the video above, you can see Splats in action! Splats are used in computer science, science, music, math, PE, and art classes and work with iPads and Chromebooks. The Splats membership includes 12+ Splats and their software with unlimited seats for teachers and students. Members also receive ongoing coaching, lessons and activities, an unlimited warranty while in the membership, and usage reports. 

Right now, the folks at Unruly Splats have a fall fitness challenge, so after you sign up for the webinar, check out this page with all of the fitness challenge details.

UPDATED — WATCH the recording here >>

Learn how to prioritize SEL in the STEM classroom

STEM and SEL Webinar Invitation 

I’m very excited to partner with the team behind Unruly Splats for a brand-new webinar this month! It’s called “5 Ways to Prioritize SEL in the STEM Classroom.”

Here is the official webinar description:

In this webinar, Monica Burns, Ed.D, will discuss how you can prioritize Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) while students explore STEM concepts in face-to-face, hybrid, and distance learning.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What it means to value Social-Emotional Learning
  • How to identify moments where SEL can shine in a STEM environment
  • Activities you can tailor to any classroom or instructional model

SEL and STEM Webinar Sneak Peek

During the webinar, I’ll share five ways you can prioritize SEL in the STEM classroom alongside resources from Unruly. One of the ways on the list of five is: using questions to encourage reflection. We’ll look at the type of questions you can pose to students at the end of a STEM experience that give them a chance to reflect and discuss their feelings.

If you’ve led a STEM-focused lesson in the past, you know that providing time for students to pause and reflect is essential. This can include questions like:

  1. How did you feel about this activity?
  2. What was fun about today?
  3. What parts of today’s lesson felt hard?
  4. How would you change today’s activity?
  5. What would you like to do again?

When incorporating reflection questions into your conversations with students, you can make connections to any social-emotional learning goals you have for this school year. We’ll expand on this list of five ways to prioritize SEL in the STEM classroom during this event. And you’ll hear about the STEM and SEL lessons featuring Unruly Splats, too.

UPDATED — WATCH the recording here >>

And you’re welcome to invite your colleagues; this event is free and the more, the merrier!

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