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A Full Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum for Schools

How do you integrate social-emotional learning into your instruction? Finding high-quality resources that address social-emotional learning (SEL) can be a struggle. I visit lots of schools that are making an effort to incorporate SEL principles into teaching and learning this school year. If you’re looking for a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum to use in your school, there is an updated resource to explore!

Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

The team at Everyday Speech reached out to me earlier this fall. I was excited to learn more about their SEL curriculum. Social-emotional learning isn’t a buzzword. Schools can make a commitment to integrating SEL strategies into daily instruction.

Everyday Speech has a full curriculum with SEL lessons. The platform is for PreK-12 schools. It gives teachers and school-based professionals tools to bring social-emotional learning into classrooms. 

Learn more about a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum you can use in your school this year. It includes lesson plans and SEL lesson ideas.

The team at Everyday Speech has worked with thousands of districts here in the United States. Their online platform gives you quick access to evidence-based strategies and tools. All you have to do is log in to the platform, and you’ll find SEL lessons you can teach right away. These ready-to-use lessons can eliminate extra prep time. This way, you aren’t adding another thing to your place.

Learn more about a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum you can use in your school this year. It includes lesson plans and SEL lesson ideas.

Updates from Everyday Speech

Everyday Speech has enhanced its product for schools this year. With these new updates, you’ll find an expanded SEL curriculum. There is a personalized dashboard for teachers and new instructional supports for students.

Regular readers of the blog (sign up here) know I’m always looking for ways that technology can elevate traditional best practices. Integrating social-emotional learning into your instruction is essential. And with the technology from Everyday Speech, you can take this to the next level.

The new updates from Everyday Speech include dozens of pre-made lesson bundles for teachers, too. These units go hand-in-hand with over a thousand resources. With these new resources, you can jump right in and move through the lessons with your students. You’ll also find that the dashboard for teachers included training videos. These professional development resources will help make sure you have everything you need to get started. 

Sign up to access the SEL Lessons!

Social-Emotional Learning Lesson Ideas

The Social Learning Platform from Everyday Speech includes all of the resources you’ll need this school year. It’s a one-stop-shop for videos and activities you can print out and share with students. This platform is also where you’ll find online games for students.

In the video above, you’ll get a feel for some of the SEL resources in Everyday Speech. You can sign up for a free trial straight from their website if you want to check it out further. With the new updates to the platform, you can find all the materials you need quicker than before. The lesson bundles are all organized by skill so you can see which goals go along with each one. This way, you can easily find the resource you need if you are looking to help a student reach a specific goal.

How does Everyday Speech work?

When you log into your Everyday Speech account (sign up for a free trial here), you’ll see the Social Learning Platform dashboard. One of the updates to Everyday Speech this year includes a personalized dashboard. You’ll find suggested resources based on the resources you’ve used in the past. Want to go back and find something you shared with a student recently? Everything will be right there waiting for you.

You can share the student resources you can with individuals, groups, or an entire class. In addition to these resources, you’ll find posters and visual aids. You might decide to share these resources with families or even post them in your classroom. 

When you’re ready to share resources with students, remember, Everyday Speech works in a web browser. This means you can open it up on any computer, laptop, or iPad. There is a dedicated iPad app, too, so if you usually use iPads in your classroom, you can download the app for iPad. Is the wireless connectivity weak in your school? If it isn’t very strong, you’ll want to take advantage of the option to download videos for offline viewing. By having videos offline, you can watch them on any device, anywhere.

Ready to get started? Use this link to visit Everyday Speech’s website. Then you can sign up for a free 30-day trial and see the new updates and special features in action!

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