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iCloth Screen Cleaning Wipes Cleaning Supply for Mobile Screen

If you’re guilty of working off a smudgy screen iCloth cleaning wipes will definitely come in handy.  I’ve had a chance to check out these super-soft Screen Cleaning Wipes. They are ready to keep the screens on your mobile devices clean. They are in individual packages and ready to use making them portable and ready-to-use. Screen Cleaning Wipes iCloth […]

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KONG cart Bundle: A Digital Media Solution

The KONG cart Bundle is a very cool option for classrooms looking to take classroom technology to the next level.  It’s an integrated heads-up digital media solution for the classroom that gives schools an option to replace costly ceiling mounted projectors. Featuring the Casio XJ-M146 Laser LED lampless projector, a 30W Anchor Audio speaker with optional wireless […]

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Skaffl Mobile Learning Platform for One-to-One iPad Classrooms

Skaffl is a mobile learning platform for classrooms with access to one to one iPad technology.  Whether students use the same devices everyday or share them with other classes in a cart, Skaffl works to make one to one instruction easy for teachers and engaging for students.  It was designed by a former teacher and […]

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