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AI in Education Playlist for Learning on the Go

Keeping up with the latest in education is super important, and that’s where podcasts come in! If you’ve followed along with my work for a while you know that I love to share strategies, ideas, and resources and this medium is one that I love. I started my Easy EdTech Podcast in 2019, and today I have an AI in Education Playlist for you. It’s full of recent episodes, some favorites I listen to, and plenty of great interviews.

Podcasts are a fun and easy way to learn new things, especially for busy educators and professionals. You can listen to them anytime, like when you’re commuting, going for a long walk or even doing everyday tasks. Podcasts bring together experts who share insights on a topic, talk about new ideas, and give handy tips. This makes them a fantastic way to learn and grow professionally.

Today I have over a dozen episodes for your consideration, what I would like to call, an “AI in Education Playlist for Learning on the Go.” You can listen to these in any order, choosing the ones that you want to hear first. Just click on the links below and jump right in!

Easy EdTech Podcast on Artificial Intelligence Topics

4 Types of AI Tools Every Teacher Should Know About – Easy EdTech Podcast 241

In this episode, I spotlight four Artificial Intelligence tools for every educator’s tool belt, ranging from helpful chatbots to presentation-making wizards. You’ll also hear tips on using  different types of AI tools to generate images, craft assessment questions, and streamline your presentation creation process. If you’re looking for ways to boost student engagement and save time, this episode is for you!

7 ChatGPT Prompts for Educators I’m Loving Right Now – Easy EdTech Podcast 234

In this episode, I’m excited to spotlight seven favorite ChatGPT prompts for educators that have made a big difference in my workflow this year. We’ll explore super helpful ways to supercharge your productivity and ignite your classroom creativity with these chatbot favorites! From requesting unexpected responses to adding emojis, this list of prompts has you covered.

Why You Might Want to Start Using AI to Generate Images – Easy EdTech Podcast 231

In this episode, I share some tips for educators who might want to try using AI to generate images this school year. You’ll hear why it might be easier to make your own images the next time you need to find an image. Instead of a Google image search, explore how to use AI to generate images for your next lesson.

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Conversations About Artificial Intelligence in Education

How Instructional Coaches Can Use AI to Scale Their Impact with Clarissa M. Guerra – Easy EdTech Podcast 243

In this episode, I’m joined by Instructional Coach and ASCD Emerging Leader Clarissa M. Guerra to explore how instructional coaches can leverage Artificial Intelligence tools to scale their impact by quickly generating lesson plans, providing feedback to teachers, and lots more!  You’ll hear Clarissa share prompt engineering tips to effectively use these AI tools in coaching as well as the benefits she has seen from incorporating them into her practice.

Tips for Making an AI Framework for Your School with Dr. Marquita S. Blades – Easy EdTech Podcast 239

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Marquita S. Blades, for a timely discussion about creating a framework for integrating artificial intelligence into schools. You’ll also hear strategies for connecting your school’s values to your AI framework, putting pedagogy before EdTech tools, and reframing the conversation around how AI can help save teachers time.

ChatGPT Plugins Teachers Should Know About with Mary Howard – Easy EdTech Podcast 237

In this episode, educator and author Mary Howard joins for an electrifying chat about how ChatGPT plugins can supercharge teaching and learning. Tune in to hear teacher-friendly tips for getting the most out of these add-ons, plus creative ideas for bringing AI into your classroom in a meaningful way.

AI in the Classroom Tips from a Teacher Using ChatGPT with Richard Perry – Easy EdTech Podcast 210

In this episode, join in for an exhilarating chat with high school ELA teacher Richard Perry as we delve into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence in the classroom. You’ll hear some of Richard’s ChatGPT strategies as well as his insightful observations and predictions for the future of AI in education. 

AI in Education Playlist with More Favorites

On with Kara Swisher: Why Fei-Fei Li is Still Hopeful About AI (… and Elon)

On with Kara Swisher is one of my favorite podcasts and I loved this conversation from an episode posted earlier this year. Guest Dr. Fei-Fei Li has lots of great insights and quotealbe moments I wanted to jot down as I listened.

How I Built This Podcast with Guy Raz: When AI is your personal tutor with Sal Khan of Khan Academy • Episode 537

How I Built This is another podcast that I love and subscribe to, so I was super excited to see the title pop up on my Spotify feed. This episode is a great listen if you’re curious about the origin story of Khanmigo.

Extras to Add to Your AI in Education Playlist

The Minimalist Educator Podcast: Episode 005 Classroom Digital Minimalism with Dr. Monica Burns

In this episode, I chatted with Easy EdTech Podcast guests Tammy Musiowsky and Christine Arnold about how to choose tools for teaching and for your role. We talk about AI and digital life and how using AI tools can help save you time and keep things simple.

UnDisrupted with Adam & Carl: Can A.I. help with Teacher Productivity? (with Dr. Monica Burns)

I have known Dr. Adam Phyall and Carl Hooker for a while now so it was so much fun to chat with them about all things EdTech. We chatted about the role of Artificial Intelligence in education and how it will change the way we think about teaching and learning.

Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers Podcast: Use ChatGPT to Reduce Your Workload as a Teacher

This episode was recorded live at the FETC conference in New Orleans in January where I spoke with Angela Watson all about Artificial Intelligence. Although some things have changed since then, we spoke about how to reduce your workload – a topic that is still front of mind for me – and something I spoke about at NYSCATE’s annual conference just a few days ago.

Let’s Learn with Wisconsin ASCD: Episode 5 Monica Burns EdTech Essentials

I met with Rob Meyer and Ryan Ruggles, WASCD Board members, at the ASCD Annual Conference this March and recorded this podcast in-person at the Denver event. In our conversation we unpacked what is happening with AI in education as well as themes from EdTech Essentials

Education podcasts are so much more than just a way to get information. They’re often lively and fun, and keep you in the loop with the newest ideas and practices in education. When you check out the episodes on this “AI in Education Playlist,” think of each episode as an opportunity to grab a quick tip or hear a new perspective. 

What did I miss? If there is an episode you’d like me to add, send me a note – just sign up for my free newsletter and reply with your favorites.

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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