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Autumn Playlist with Podcast Picks for Teachers

What are you listening to this fall? In today’s blog post, I’ve pulled together a few podcasts — an autumn playlist — that are perfect for a fall reset. I love this time of year, and where I live on the east coast, the leaves are starting to change, and the temperature is certainly starting to drop.

Whether you’re going on a brisk walk, putting up fall-themed decorations, or simply looking for a few episodes for your established podcast listening routine, I’ve got you covered. On this list, I pulled together a handful of episodes that are perfect for fall. These selections can help you:

  • Find inspiration to try something new
  • Help you simplify a routine
  • Bring clarity to your professional goals
  • Give you a window into another educator’s world

Podcast Picks for an Autumn Playlist 

8 Time-Saving Tips for Teaching with Podcasts – Easy EdTech Podcast 182

Save time this fall! In this episode, I share eight of my favorite tips for anyone listening to podcasts. These tips are perfect for teaching with podcasts, too. You’ll also hear how to apply these tips to your personal podcast listening practice, your classroom routine, or to share out with students and families. Click here to listen >>

Minimalist Classroom Strategies to Set a Purpose This School Year with Christine Arnold – Easy EdTech Podcast 170

Try to simplify this autumn season! In this episode, ASCD author and educator Christine Arnold joins to discuss her book, The Minimalist Teacher. You’ll hear about a unique framework introduced in the book, some favorite strategies for kicking off the school year, and ways to keep things simple all year long. If you’re curious about how to put minimalist classroom strategies into action, then this episode is for you! Click here to listen >>

Keep Student Curiosity Flowing with an Animated Video – Easy EdTech Podcast 180

Boost engagement this fall! In this episode, we’ll explore how using an animated video with students can spark curiosity, provide background knowledge, and act as an exemplar for their own creations. You’ll also hear ten reasons to use animated explainer videos with your class, plus how to access my free ebook with more than double the reasons! Click here to listen >>

It’s Time to Make the Most of Your Calendar – Easy EdTech Podcast 176

Revamp your schedule this fall! In this episode, I share a selection of strategies I use daily to make the most of a digital calendar and save precious time throughout the day. You’ll hear my favorite calendar tips for educators, including how to keep track of weekly brainstorming sessions, monthly meetings, and one-time events you don’t want to miss with Google Calendar or any other digital calendar platform you may use. Click here to listen >>

How to Help Students Be Respectful in Online Spaces with Hedreich Nichols – Easy EdTech Podcast 159

Take stock of digital citizenship skills this fall! In this episode, author and EdTech Curriculum Instructional Specialist, Hedreich Nichols, joins to discuss how educators can help students be respectful in online spaces. You’ll hear about free media literacy and digital citizenship resources to use with students, plus tips for modeling citizenship and empathy online. Click here to listen >>

What Teens Actually Need to Be Tech-Savvy with Dr. Cassidy Puckett – Easy EdTech Podcast 168

Incorporate tech-savvy strategies this fall! In this episode, I’m joined by professor of sociology and author of Redefining Geek, Dr. Cassidy Puckett. We talk about what teens actually need to be tech-savvy. You’ll hear about the five hidden habits of tech-savvy teens, how educators can help students develop efficient technology habits, explore design logic, and more! Click here to listen >>

Setting the Stage for Using Tech in the First Weeks of School – Easy EdTech Podcast 178

Perfect for a fall reset! In this episode, I share some favorite tech-infused classroom activities to kick off the first weeks of school. You can help kids get to know each other and get familiar with EdTech tools simultaneously. You’ll hear about my favorite tools for students to create lots of different projects. These are a good fit for different content areas to help students cultivate their creativity this school year! Click here to listen >>

Autumn Playlist with Music Selections

If you came to this post just seeing the “autumn playlist” in the title and thinking of your favorite fall songs, not to worry. Here are a few musical selections in rotation for me this fall. You can listen to these three Spotify playlists with a free account. I didn’t make them, but I like them a lot:

What are you listening to this fall? Share with me on your favorite social media platform. Either send me a DM on Twitter or Instagram or tag me in your fall-themed post.

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Blog Author and EdTech Consultant Dr. Monica Burns

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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