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Bring Environmental Education to Life with Project-Based Learning with James Fester – Easy EdTech Podcast 134

October 19, 2021

In this episode, ISTE author James Fester joins to discuss his new book about incorporating project-based learning in environmental education to solve real-world problems. You’ll hear actionable tips you can try out right away along with interdisciplinary connections to environmental education throughout the school year.

This week’s episode is all about Project-Based Learning and Environmental Education and I’m so excited to have James Fester join in today. He wrote a new book, published by ISTE, all about this topic with Jorge Valenzuela who you might remember episode 66 of the podcast last June. This topic of environmental education is near and dear to my heart. If you joined me for a webinar in the past or Zoomed into an event you might have heard me tell the story of the worms which is inspired by my work teaching in a school where we transition from a traditional public school to a magnet school specifically with the theme of environmental stewardship.

I’m a big fan of the national parks system and have been all over the country visiting different spots and as you’ll hear me mention in this episode I must follow a few dozen National Park Service Instagram accounts. To end today’s episode you’ll hear some actionable tips — things you can try out right away and things you might want to investigate for some interdisciplinary connections to Environmental Education throughout the school year, let’s dive into this topic together with James’s interview.

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Environmental Education Tips

  • First, identify community concerns.
  • Next, try a PBL approach.
  • Then, examine different ways to collect data.
  • Finally, Find connections with local organizations

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