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Standards Planner Teams Up With Clever

3 Apr
clever-sp-01Standards Planner, an online teacher and district content organizer I shared earlier this year, is now partnering with Clever to bridge the gap between instruction and ease of use. With Clever’s Instant Login, districts and teachers can quickly jump into building and organizing their content with one click.
clever-app-01If you are a district administrator looking to push the blended learning or flipped classroom model, you can easily get your teachers setup for free, and even pilot Standards Planner to get ready for next school year. They include professional development to help districts stay organized.
All individual accounts are free with full use of the software. You can take advantage of this organizational tool by visiting Standards Planner’s website to signup and begin planning!


8 Free Apps and Web Tools for Staying Organized

10 Jan

8-6Here’s a preview of my new post for Edutopia – click on the link below to read more!

The start of a new year is a great time to think back and reflect about what really worked for you and what isn’t quite cutting it. When it comes to staying organized, there is no one-size-fits-all. It’s really all about finding the system that works for you, picking apps or tools that you will actually use, and remembering that there are lots of options to choose from as you figure out the best fit.

As you sort through the following list, don’t try them all out at once. Pick one or two, put them into practice for a month, and then reflect on how well something is helping you stay organized. You may choose to add that website or app to your tool belt as you explore another resource, or you may decide to scrap that tool and try out something completely new. Here are a few apps and web tools that might help you stay organized in the New Year.

30/30 (iOS – Free; upgrades available)

This super useful task manager is perfect for teachers with a long to-do list. Whether that list is totally professional or a mix of personal and work items, this app lets you color-code and assign icons to different tasks. All you have to do is open the app, assign how much time you want to spend on a particular item, and the countdown clock will start. It’s great for staying focused…

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Stay Organized with Pocket

17 Mar

photo (27)There is so much great information on the Internet for teachers looking to learn about educational technology, best practices and new ideas.  I am a huge fan of Twitter and use it to connect with my personal learning network.  It can be hard to keep up with all of the great articles shared by the people I follow so I use Pocket to stay organized.  After downloading the app and setting up a free account you can send links to this app through Twitter, your Web browser or even email.  This way I can sit down and read all of the articles I bookmarked over the week at one time as opposed to trying to keep up while I’m on the go. Download the app and learn more from their website!

This app is also available for Android tablets.

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Track Conferences with Stream Reading

19 Feb

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.21.56 AMIf you’re looking for a way to track conferences with your mobile device, check out Stream Reading.  Designed for both iPhone and iPad users this app  lets teachers easily manage reading reports and organize student data.  You can record audio of a student reading using your device’s microphone and  document what happened when you met with the student for a conference.

photo 2 (40)Stream Reading helps users keep track of when they met with students, record data on their comprehension of a text, and check off what strategies children were using as they read.  There is also a spot for teachers to type in comments and goals.  You’ll love the quick reference guide that includes prompting questions to monitor student comprehension.

With Stream Reading teachers can easily share and export data via email, Dropbox or printing straight from the device.  It also gives you the option to send goals directly to students and parents and set reminders for future conferences.  Learn more about Stream Reading by visiting their website!

Class Charts to Track Behavior

28 Jan


Class Charts is a behavior tracking technology tool that makes it easy for teachers to collect data in their classroom.  This tool can be used to create seating charts for a class that provides a visual overview of student needs.  Class Charts gives teachers the ability to track and share data on student behavior to promote collaboration with colleagues.any_device

Class Charts will automatically create seating charts for students that can be edited to fit different classroom layouts.  These seating plans highlight key data for teachers that can be printed as reports to share with parents. Teachers can even add student photographs to their virtual seating chart to help learn names and keep classroom visitors informed about student needs.  Class Charts can be accessed from a laptop, desktop or tablet’s Internet browser and it is completely free!  Visit Class Chart’s website to learn more about this product – and watch their video too!

Stay Organized with LifeNoted

20 Jan

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.01.17 AMA fantastic scheduling tool, LifeNoted merges your calendar, notes, and photo taking in one powerful app.  Perfect for busy teachers and older students learning time management skills, LifeNoted gives you one place to record events and ideas.  Users can search through all of their notes by keyword and manage multiple calendars from within the app.  Not only does this app let you sync with iCalender but you can export a PDF version that can be opened in Dropbox, Evernote or any PDF supporting app.


The clean interface of this simple to use app lets you see every note and daily appointment all on one screen.  A super cool function is the ability to add notes, photos and videos to your daily calendar.  Free to download, LifeNoted requires a one time in-app purchase to remove ads.  Try it out today to stay organized throughout the school year! Check out their website to learn more.

Pinterest for Educators

13 Dec

image (87)Pinterest is such a fantastic resource for teachers!

  • Find lesson ideas!
  • Locate new apps!
  • Keep favorite blog posts in one place!

Have you used their app for the iPad and iPhone? It’s an easy way to keep all of your pins organized and find great ideas on the go!

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This app is also available for Android devices.

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