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4 Ways You Can Leverage TARA to Avoid Teacher Burnout

What plans are in place in your school or district to help avoid teacher burnout this year? Even typing this question, I can’t help but think back to the end of really tough days in my classroom. Or how it felt at the very end of the school year when my energy was pretty much zapped. But prevention is the key to avoiding a problem, including teacher burnout.

If you are a regular listener of my Easy EdTech Podcast, you might have caught a recent bonus episode about teacher burnout. In the episode, Ian Cohen, Founder & CEO of TARA, and I chatted about ways to avoid teacher burnout. You can find the full episode here or press play below to listen as you explore this blog post.

Avoid Teacher Burnout with TARA

Have you heard of TARA before? TARA was designed to streamline the lives of teachers and school teams. It’s essentially an assistant for teachers to help automate and manage tasks that take up time over the course of the school year. TARA is a new teacher workflow assistant that can help tackle the most significant burdens on teacher time. 

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Teacher Burnout prevention

You can use this tool to find high-quality and relevant resources, plan curriculum and map out learning goals, and help manage the everyday tasks on your to-do list — all in one place. 

In today’s blog post, we’ll explore TARA and how you can leverage TARA to avoid teacher burnout this school year. Let’s jump into four ways (and a fifth bonus way) you can use this powerful EdTech platform as you work on preventing teacher burnout.

4 Ways TARA is Preventing Teacher Burnout

Preventing Teacher Burnout

Create Customizable Headquarters

You can set up a customizable homepage and resource bank with TARA. This homepage acts as your unique headquarters and is designed to make finding and accessing teacher resources super easy. I use a custom landing page myself every day, and I know it would have saved me so much time if I had access to this as a teacher, too.

Access an Intuitive Planner

TARA gives teachers access to a robust and intuitive planner. This planning tool makes creating standards-aligned units and lessons super simple. You can connect related resources and pull together the perfect plan for an upcoming unit or series of lessons.

Use a Task Manager

If you’ve followed my EdTech tips for ten days, ten months, or the past ten years, then you know I love staying organized and saving time. Of course, a big part of that is using a task management tool, and TARA gives you access to a special task manager and specialized calendar designed for teachers. 

Prevent Teacher Burnout

Get and Give Streamlined Support

TARA makes supporting teachers quick and easy for instructional coaches and school leaders. They can jump into TARA to provide lesson feedback, observations, evaluations, and meetings, all from a single dashboard.

Use TARA for Progress Monitoring & IEP Management

At the top of this blog post, I mentioned a bonus way TARA can help you avoid teacher burnout at your school this year. TARA’s most recent release includes a new progress monitoring and IEP management tool. It was designed from feedback from over 1,500 special educators. To help celebrate this release, special educators can try TARA’s premium features free for 30 days. 

Ready to get started? Sign up yourself by using this link and invite up to four colleagues for free!

And don’t forget to check out the bonus episode of the Easy EdTech Podcast featuring Founder & CEO of TARA, Ian Cohen. You’ll hear us unpack the term teacher burnout, talk about the symptoms of teacher burnout, and share strategies on how to use EdTech to avoid teacher burnout symptoms. So if you’re concerned about teacher burnout rates, this episode is for you!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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