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Five Favorite YouTube Channels for Teachers – Easy EdTech Podcast 038

In this episode we’ll focus on five of my favorite resources on YouTube, specifically five favorite YouTube channels for teachers! You’ll also hear about video resources that you can use to curate video content for students or professional development for teachers. YouTube is a dynamic online space used in lots of different ways. Although you […]

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Where To Find Educational Videos for Students

Have you ever held your fingers over the record button of a VCR to capture the exact moment something was about to happen on a television show? For many students (and younger teachers) this concept is entirely foreign. The stress and excitement of recording the perfect clip on a blank videotape are totally lost on […]

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Growth Mindset “With Math I Can” Initiative & Resources

As a former classroom teacher I know how easy it is for kids to feel frustrated when they come across a tough math problem. Supporting students as they work through rigorous, multi-step math problems is essential for helping kids stay motivated and prepared for the real world. The team at Amazon and partners from the education […]

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