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12 Summer Books for Teachers

Summer break is a time for educators to relax, recharge, and reflect on their teaching practice. Looking to gather fresh ideas for the upcoming school year? Diving into a good book can be the perfect solution. Today on the blog, I have a round-up of summer books for teachers to explore.

This summer, why not explore the works of some incredible educators who have shared their expertise on my Easy EdTech Podcast? These authors and educators offer a wealth of knowledge and practical strategies across various topics. Their books provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the insights they shared during their podcast interviews.

In this list, I’ve included links to listen to the episode featuring each author. You’ll also find a quick way to locate their book on Amazon and a description of our conversation on the podcast. I can’t wait for you to listen and learn from these amazing podcast guests!

12 Summer Books for Teachers 

How Digital Forms of Communication Can Impact Relationship Building with Mike & Nita Creekmore – Easy EdTech Podcast 257 

Listen to the episode on the blog

Find their book, Every Connection Matters

In this episode, Mike and Nita Creekmore, authors of the new ASCD book Every Connection Matters, join to discuss the influence of digital communication on relationship building within the classroom. You’ll also hear insights into crafting meaningful relationships across virtual and in-person settings, along with practical tips for fostering connections. Tune in to explore the significance of maintaining a balance in communication methods for both students and teachers!

Teaching Civics in a Digital World with Karalee Wong Nakatsuka and Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff – Easy EdTech Podcast 252

Listen to the episode on the blog

Find their book, Bring History and Civics to Life

In this episode, I chat with ISTE authors Karalee Wong Nakatsuka and Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff. We discuss the common misconception that civics is confined to social studies classrooms. You’ll hear strategies from their new book, Bring History and Civics to Life, to help infuse civics across subjects with the help of EdTech. If you’re interested in fostering a sense of community and empowering students to view themselves as citizens of the world, this episode is for you!

Making the Most of AI for the Second Half of the School Year with Alana Winnick – Easy EdTech Podcast 251

Listen to the episode on the blog

Find her book, The Generative Age

In this episode, I chat with Educational Technology Director Alana Winnick. We talk about harnessing the power of AI for the rest of the academic year and into the future. You’ll also hear Alana share helpful tips for making the most of AI tools in the classroom and insights from her new book, The Generative Age.

Setting Professional Learning Goals with Allison Rodman – Easy EdTech Podcast 249

Listen to the episode on the blog

Find her book, Still Learning

In this episode, I welcome back ASCD Author Allison Rodman. We discuss practical strategies for setting professional learning goals and staying motivated to achieve them. You’ll hear about her recommendations for leveraging technology tools and using the goal-setting frameworks from her newest book, Still Learning.

Unlocking Digital Literacy with Practical Classroom Strategies with Dr. Jenna Kammer and Dr. Lauren Hays – Easy EdTech Podcast 245

Listen to the episode on the blog

Find their book, Digital Literacy Made Simple

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Lauren Hays and Dr. Jenna Kammer, instructional technology experts and co-authors. We chat about strategies for integrating digital literacy skills across content areas and learning environments. You’ll also hear actionable tips and strategies for creating a collaborative learning culture, modeling digital skills, and staying up-to-date on educational technology.

Tech Tips for Teacher Wellness with Meredith Boullion – Easy EdTech Podcast 240

Listen to the episode on the blog

Find her book,  Tech for Teacher Wellness

In this episode, I chat with District Technology Facilitator and Author Meredith Boullion. We talk all about how teachers can prioritize wellness in the digital age. You’ll also hear teacher wellness tips for setting boundaries, protecting personal information, and optimizing existing tech tools. If you’re an educator seeking balance and well-being in your work and personal life, this episode is for you!

ChatGPT Plugins Teachers Should Know About with Mary Howard – Easy EdTech Podcast 237

Listen to the episode on the blog

Find her book, Artificial Intelligence to Streamline Your Teacher Life

In this episode, educator and author Mary Howard joins to chat about how ChatGPT plugins. Marcy shares how they can supercharge teaching and learning. Tune in to hear teacher-friendly tips for getting the most out of these add-ons, plus creative ideas for bringing AI into your classroom in a meaningful way.

Using Tech to Help Students Tell Their Stories with Pam Allyn – Easy EdTech Podcast 235

Listen to the episode on the blog

Find her book, Tell Your Story

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Pam Allyn, literacy expert, author, and advocate for children. Pam shares all about the importance of integrating reading and writing into community sharing rituals in the classroom. You’ll also hear tips for creating a sense of belonging and celebrating student diversity through a mix of digital and print experiences that help students tell their stories.

On this list of “top ten” episodes you’ll find the ten most downloaded episodes of the Easy EdTech Podcast.

Adopting a Strategy-Based Approach to EdTech Integration with Grunow, Hicks & Parker – Easy EdTech Podcast 232

Listen to the episode on the blog

Find their book, Making the Move With Ed Tech

In this episode, EdTech advocates Kate Grunow, Troy Hicks, and Jenn Parker share strategies for purposeful EdTech integration. Discover how their collaborative book guides educators toward a strategy-driven approach. You also hear about merging well-loved teaching methods with innovative tech tools to elevate student learning and formative assessments.

Quick Tips for a Happier School Year with Suzanne Dailey – Easy EdTech Podcast 229

Listen to the episode on the blog

Find her book, Teach Happier This School Year

In this episode, tune in for a conversation with Instructional Coach Suzanne Dailey. We chat all about building positive habits for a happier teaching experience. You’ll also hear how busy educators can leverage technology for self-care and to nurture social relationships to lead to a happier school year.

The Power of Icon Literacy with Debbie Tannenbaum – Easy EdTech Podcast 224

Listen to the episode on the blog

Find her book, Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky 

In this episode, EdTech Coach Debbie Tannenbaum joins for a conversation about the importance of icon literacy. She talks about successfully navigating a variety of digital learning environments. You’ll hear practical strategies for introducing icons to empower students and cultivate a strong sense of agency on their educational journey.

Uncheatable Assessments and the Role of Digital Storytelling in the Classroom with Michael Hernandez – Easy EdTech Podcast 214

Listen to the episode on the blog

Find his book, Storytelling With Purpose 

In this episode, Michael Hernandez, Teacher and ISTE Author, discusses the power of digital storytelling. He also shares tips for infusing creativity into any classroom. You’ll hear his take on “uncheatable assessments” and how to unlock the full potential of digital storytelling.

Whether you’re seeking innovative teaching strategies, practical classroom management tips, or inspiration to reignite your passion for teaching, these books by Easy EdTech Podcast guests all have something to offer. And if you prefer an audio format to learn, you can check out new episodes right from my website. Do you have a favorite podcast platform? Make sure to subscribe to the Easy EdTech Podcast using one of the links below:

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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