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4 Special Features of PebbleGo Next Health Education Resources

Teaching health topics to elementary school-aged students is important for numerous reasons. Are you looking for cross-curricular reading resources for your students? PebbleGo Next is introducing a special collection of elementary health education resources for students. 

This fall, students can dive into a wide range of health topics in PebbleGo Next’s interactive reading platform. Today on the blog, we’ll take a look at everything PebbleGo Next Health has to offer, along with some of the reasons why you might incorporate these topics into student reading experiences this school year.

Elementary Health Education Resources

There are lots of reasons why you might want to share health education resources with your elementary students. Introducing these concepts at a young age lays the foundation for lifelong healthy habits. From nutrition and exercise to mental well-being, you can help students build independence as readers alongside high-interest, relevant reading materials.

Screenshot of the PebbleGo Next Health landing page, featuring various clickable topics related to elementary health education.

Elementary health education helps students develop an understanding of how the body works. This knowledge can empower students to make informed decisions and even respond to potential health issues. If you already use Capstone’s resources to supplement social studies, science, or math curriculum, then you know the power of connecting English Language Arts materials to subjects outside the reading classroom.

What is PebbleGo Next Health?

PebbleGo Next Health gives students and teachers access to an extensive library of elementary health education resources. You’ll find articles designed to provide students with age-appropriate information on health-related subjects. The broad coverage provided by these resources makes sure students can explore a diverse set of health topics.

What topics are covered in PebbleGo Next Health? This collection includes topics ranging from human body systems to mental health and personal care. You can find the full list of topics linked at the bottom of this page and a quick look at the screenshot below.

An iPad displaying a blank screen rests on a desk, surrounded by erasers and paperclips, symbolizing an educational workspace.

PebbleGo Next Health aligns with curriculum standards so that you can make clear connections to your state’s ELA standards, too. If you’re looking for a way to connect ELA goals to elementary health education, this supplemental resource certainly has you covered. The articles in PebbleGo Next Health can spark curiosity, connect to science research projects, and help students gain a more comprehensive understanding of important topics.

4 Special Features of PebbleGo Next Health

PebbleGo Next Health is new for fall 2023! You might already be familiar with their other collections on States, Science, Indigenous People’s History, Social Studies, and Biographies. 

Infographic illustrating the 4 Special Features of PebbleGo Next Health Education Resources, providing insights into the interactive platform for elementary health learning.

Here are four special features of the new PebbleGo Next Health:

The articles are closely aligned to state and national health standards. With these resources, students can learn practical health information and develop critical skills related to elementary health education topics.

Within PebbleGo Next Health, there are activities and games that provide students with an opportunity to dive deeper into the content. They can refine their knowledge and develop the skills needed to adopt, practice, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Content in PebbleGo Next Health promotes a deep understanding of health topics. This includes topics related to personal, family, and community health, as well as healthy decision-making. 

Inside this collection, students will find content related to mental health topics like ‘Body-Image,’ ‘Anxiety,’ and ‘Advocating for Yourself.’ These are excellent selections for making social-emotional learning connections, too.  

Digital Texts for Elementary Readers

The digital texts in PebbleGo Next Health provide students access to interactive reading materials. These elementary health education resources offer flexibility in learning, allowing students to engage with material at their own pace while using different digital features. Students can tap on a word to hear it read aloud or explore different vocabulary words on each page. They can also press play and listen to an entire section read aloud.

Students will find interactive content like videos and have the ability to toggle between different sections of the text as they build their digital navigational skills. One of the reasons I love PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next is the amount of choice it gives students. They can explore different topics, read at their own pace, and access supportive features along the way.

Elementary Health Education this School year

Teaching health topics to elementary school-aged students is so important. PebbleGo Next Health is an excellent resource for introducing elementary health education concepts to your students. Introducing these concepts at a young age can help students understand concepts that impact their daily lives – and help them imagine what careers are available to them in the health field in the future.

Ready to get started with PebbleGo Next Health? PebbleGo Next Health’s extensive library offers age-appropriate articles on a wide range of health subjects for your elementary readers. These elementary health education resources are new for fall 2023. You can head to this page to learn more about PebbleGo Next Health and everything Capstone has to offer teachers!

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