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10 Summer Activities for Kids with a Techy Spin

Summer break is quickly approaching for some readers of the blog. While that might mean a well-deserved pause from the daily school schedule, it doesn’t mean students have to pause on learning! Summer is a fantastic time for kids to explore new interests, try new things, and sharpen their skills in a fun and engaging way. 

Today on the blog, I have a handful of summer activities for kids that you can recommend to families, try in a summer program, or maybe even use during the school year. Each activity is ready for you to customize and has a technology connection, too. You can certainly make tweaks or changes before sharing one or two as a suggestion in a summer newsletter to families.

10 Summer Activities for Kids

One of the greatest things about summer is the chance to dive into topics kids are passionate about but might get less time for during the regular school year. Whether a child is a budding photographer, an aspiring author, or a curious coder, there are tons of summer activities for kids to choose from. For each idea on the list below, I’ve made a technology connection. But if you have a favorite EdTech tool that could accomplish the same goal, you are welcome and encouraged to substitute as you create the perfect activities to share with students and families this summer.

An infographic listing "10 Summer Activities for Kids" including creating a digital photo journal, starting a video blog, becoming a podcast host, designing a website, going on a virtual field trip, writing an ebook, learning a new language, composing music, exploring digital art, and tracking the stars.

Create a digital photo journal 

Snap pictures of summer adventures using a Chromebook, iPad, or any mobile device with a camera. Students can then use graphic design apps like Adobe Express or Canva to create a digital scrapbook with captions and additional creative elements.

Start a video blog 

A video blog or vlog is a perfect alternative to starting a YouTube channel – particularly if you want to keep kids off a public online space. Instead, students can record short videos teaching a skill, reviewing a toy or game, or documenting their summer experiences. Check out Microsoft Flip and iMovie for kid-friendly video editing.

Become a podcast host

If your child loves to tell stories, help them plan, record, and edit their own podcast; tools like Soundtrap or GarageBand can help kids record, edit, and share their podcasts. A newer tool that allows easy editing on the screen is Adobe Podcast.

Design a website

Introduce the basics of web design with kid-focused platforms like Google Sites. Kids can create a multipage website related to an interest or passion project. Another tool with a website builder is Canva.

Go on a virtual field trip 

I love sharing virtual field trips on the blog! You might remember this post on “9 Spring Virtual Field Trips” or this post on “How Virtual Field Trips Can Foster Curiosity.” A virtual field trip is a great experience to add to your list of summer activities with kids. You can explore museums, historical sites, or even zoos from around the world through virtual tours and live webcams.

Write an ebook

Regular readers of the blog know that I’m a super fan of Book Creator. Young authors can write and illustrate their own digital stories. If you’re looking for free resources and inspiration for summer activities for kids, check out this blog post on Be An Author Month. It’s perfect for any time of year!

Learn a new language

Language learning apps like Duolingo for Schools make discovering a new language fun and interactive. I featured Duolingo for School on my blog in the past, and there are a handful of other tools (both free and paid) that you might recommend to families looking for summer activities for kids.

Compose a piece of music 

Unleash their inner musician with music creation tools like GarageBand or MusicFX. As I mentioned earlier, GarageBand is great for any type of recording, including music and podcasts. If students feel more confident describing the type of music they’d like to hear, suggest MusicFX to their families. I’ve featured MusicFX as a “tool to try” in my AI in Education Membership.

Explore digital art 

Encourage students to try drawing and illustration apps like Procreate or Sketchbook. If they need a bit more support, introduce AutoDraw as an option for student sketchers. Alternatively, you might suggest that families explore generative AI tools that help you create images.

Track the stars 

If families are looking for summer activities for kids, you might suggest that they download stargazing apps. There are a handful of options, including SkyView and Star Walk. Both can help identify constellations and celestial objects.

What will you suggest to families this summer? This list of summer activities for kids is ready for you to customize. Technology can open up a world of exciting and enriching summer learning experiences. With a bit of guidance and encouragement, kids can make this summer one where they build new skills, explore their passions, and have a blast!

If you tried any of these summer activities for kids or have another idea, let me know! Reply to any of my weekly newsletters (sign up here) or send a message on Instagram.

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