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Identifying the Best EdTech Tools for Your School – Bonus Episode with Teq

September 26, 2021

In this episode, I’m joined by Joseph Sanfilippo, Director of eLearning at OTIS for Educators, to discuss how to identify the best EdTech tools for your school.  You’ll hear Joseph share advice and recommendations for educators so they can make the most of the EdTech that is out there and available to them.

Best EdTech Tools for Your School

Today’s episode is all about “Identifying the Best EdTech Tools for Your School” and I’m so excited to chat with Joseph Sanfilippo . He and I have chatted about EdTech in the past and it’s great to have him on the podcast to share some advice and recommendations for educators. As you’ll hear during our conversation, Joseph shares tips you might bring into your own practice and ones that can spark a discussion with your colleagues, too.

In this episode, Joseph Sanfilippo from OTIS for Educators discusses how to identify the best EdTech tools for your school.

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Tips for Choosing EdTech

  • First, bring all stakeholders into the conversation.
  • Next, review current curriculum initiatives.
  • Then, prioritize new tools in your tool belt.
  • Finally, remove barriers for adoption of new tools.

Sponsored by Teq

This episode is sponsored by Teq and I’m so excited to partner with them for a webinar series this fall. It’s totally free and you can join one or all four of these webinars covering EdTech topics like creation in the classroom, assessment tips, and more. Register for the event or sign up to view the replays on their website. Just go to, click on Upcoming Events, and you’ll find four free webinars you can join. That’s You can also send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll make sure to get you the link.

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