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Top EdTech Posts from the School Year

June 30, 2019

This week I’m celebrating the Fourth of July holiday out of town with family and friends. Today I’m bringing you the TOP 5 EdTech blog posts and TOP 5 EdTech podcast episodes from the past school year. Also… stay tuned for a BIG announcement later this month :) Best, Monica

Top 5 EdTech Blog Posts

Easily Create Class Lists This Year with Class Creator

Like so many ideas that have changed the way we think about EdTech in action, many stem from challenges faced by educators in the field. It’s great when teachers turn their ideas into solutions that other educators can use! So when the team at Class Creator reached out to me earlier this year, I was…

Shapes 3D Augmented Reality Geometry Drawing App

I’m always excited to meet folks who are passionate about educational technology. At ISTE this past June, I met Milena Piasecka a Product Manager for the company Shapes at the end of one of my sessions. Her passion for the power of digital tools in the classroom was clear from the start and I was excited to learn…

Podcasting in the Classroom? Here’s a Byte-Sized Option

I’m not exactly sure how it started, but once I got hooked, there was no turning back. Podcasting is a powerful medium and a way to consume a wide range of content. Is podcasting in the classroom here to stay? With the new byte-sized interactive podcasting tool from Synth, you now have an easy way…

Quick Start Guide for Adobe Spark for Education

Creativity in the classroom is essential across grade levels and subject areas. Students can demonstrate what they’ve learned about a topic, synthesize information, and create a shareable movie, website or graphic with Adobe Spark. If you’re a regular follower of the blog, you already know that I am a huge fan of Adobe Spark. In…

25 Reasons to Use TED-Ed in Your Classroom

How do roller coasters affect your body? Why don’t poisonous animals poison themselves? These are the type of questions tackled with the amazing TED-Ed videos for students and teachers! If you’ve ever watched a TED talk before you’re familiar with the power of those short videos, focused on a single idea. An expert walks to…

Top 5 EdTech Podcast Episodes

Why Teachers are Paying Attention to Instagram – Easy EdTech Podcast 007

In this episode I share reasons why educators have turned to Instagram to gather ideas and share their classroom stories. You’ll hear ways to use Instagram and IGTV to find inspiration, lesson idea, and lots of tips to bring back to the work you do everyday in schools! 

How To Get Started with Backchannels – Easy EdTech Podcast 004

In this episode I share strategies for using backchannels in your classroom to increase engagement and check for understanding. You’ll hear how this strategy can help with your formative assessment routines as well as some of my absolute favorite EdTech tools to help get the job done!

Online Resources for Teaching with the News – Easy EdTech Podcast 008

In this episode I share online resources for current events that can help you teach with the news. You’ll hear ways to use these websites and apps with students whether your focused on social studies, making cross-curricular connections in the English Language Arts classroom, or looking to infuse current events into any subject area!

Creative Teacher Projects for Any Classroom – Easy EdTech Podcast 005

In this episode I share favorite creative teacher projects perfect for any K-12 classroom or school to explore. You’ll hear how to use my spotlight tools Adobe Spark, or any of your favorite creation tools, to make newsletters, movies and more for your classroom!

Technology Resources for Science Experiments – Easy EdTech Podcast 006

In this episode I share technology resources and ideas for your next science experiment. You’ll hear how to use EdTech tools to conduct, capture and prepare for science experiments in your classroom this year, with plenty of cross-curricular connections!

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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