Google Classroom

Gaggle’s Student Safety Management Solution for Schools

What does staying safe online look like in your school? Finding the best way to support students during the school year goes beyond safety in the physical spaces they inhabit each day. Although this is clearly part of the equation in making sure all students are safe in school, there is an essential online component […]

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Use Ving Google Classroom to Organize & Tailor Instruction

Ving is a cloud-based engagement platform that is now integrated with Google Classroom. It helps teachers better organize assignments and tailor customized instruction to meet students’ different needs. Ving makes it easier for educators to give children tools. This is particularly for those with special needs or at high risk. Ving has appropriate tools to help students […]

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Personalized Adaptive Learning Program ClassK12

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) environments are popular in schools where students have access to a variety of devices or where students have a device from home they use at school.  ClassK12  is a personalized adaptive learning program for K-5 ELA and Math.  It also works on iPads, Chromebooks, Laptops, and Android devices.  Students can login to their ClassK12 account using […]

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