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Supporting Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

How can you use monitoring and filtering tools to support social emotional learning in the classroom? Social emotional learning is much more than a buzzword. It connects to student mental health, and the skills students can build to navigate both in-classroom and outside of the classroom experiences.

In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at Hāpara monitoring and filtering tools. You’ll see how different features of the platform support students as they build a handful of skills. Let’s examine how Hāpara and related activities for social emotional learning can help support students this year.

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Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Do the EdTech tools in your tool belt support social emotional learning in the classroom? Regular readers of the blog might remember my recent posts featuring Hāpara Digital Backpack or this one on Hāpara Filters. This dynamic platform helps schools and districts address a wide variety of goals.

There are a variety of activities for social emotional learning that you might decide to incorporate over the course of the school year. Are using a platform like Hāpara? You may find that you’re already set up for success when it comes to helping students build SEL skills. Here are a few ways Hāpara supports social emotional learning in the classroom.

5 SEL-Friendly Features in Hāpara

Hāpara is a digital teaching and learning platform that provides a streamlined experience for teachers and students using Google Classroom. Students can quickly access assignments, email, announcements, and G Suite files with this platform. Everything pops up for them on one simple, mobile-friendly page. 

Teaching social emotional learning skills in the context of digital interactions helps students see the application of these skills both inside and outside of the classroom. You can use Hāpara to support student communication skill-building, help foster strong relationships, and even provide you with actionable information when students need additional support. Let’s take a look at these five features of Hāpara that can support your SEL goals.


Support communication 

There are a variety of activities for social emotional learning skill-building, and you may find that your priorities shift over the course of the school year. If you want to support communication between teachers and students, Hāpara can help. You can start a conversation with students about the ways they navigate digital spaces and healthy ways to communicate online.

Build good relationships


Hāpara Highlights provides educators with access to features that scaffold the development of SEL skills, including relationship skills and social awareness. These resources can help students learn how to build strong relationships as they navigate digital spaces.

Give students space 

Do you want to give students the space to learn how to make good decisions? Hāpara Workspace’s flexible design and functionality allow teachers to provide learners with opportunities to put these competencies into practice. Workspace gives teachers a quick way to organize resources and share them with students. 

Alert schools

When students need mental health support or intervention, Hāpara Filter can help. Hāpara Filter is a web filter designed for K-12 schools and districts. It provides an extra layer of protection over the way traditional filters work to make sure you know when students need additional support.

Distribute resources

Hāpara Digital Backpack certainly makes it easy for teachers to provide students with healthy resources. If you want to share resources around mental health or activities for social emotional learning, this tool helps simplify the distribution process. You can easily individualize instructional resource distribution by assigning resources to learners that meet their unique needs.

Are you interested in learning more about Hāpara and how it supports social emotional learning in the classroom? Book a demo with a Hāpara team member to learn more.

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