digital citizenship

Designing Learning with Digital Networks in Mind – Easy EdTech Podcast 036

In this episode we’ll discuss your role in helping students make connections to the authentic experiences they have online while exploring subjects and topics that may come up in your classroom. You’ll hear several essential ideas to consider while designing learning with digital networks in mind as well as some EdTech resources to get you […]

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Creation Activities That Teach Digital Citizenship – Easy EdTech Podcast 016

In this episode we’ll explore activities where students can demonstrate their understanding of a topic and apply digital citizenship skills. You’ll hear about three quick ways to incorporate digital citizenship skills into moments where students create movies, websites, or any digital product! Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform: iTunes/Podcast App Google Play Stitcher […]

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Tocomail Online Communication Tool for Kids

Tocomail provides fun and safe online communication tool for kids. Kids can use Tocomail to send messages to family members and friends, and it is great as classroom communication service. Since I first wrote about Tocomail, there are a lot of new options to share. This includes single click audio and video messaging, texting, and updated […]

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