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10 Summer Science Projects for Kids

As the summer season approaches, you might find yourself searching for exciting ways to keep students engaged. Whether you are supporting a summer learning program or making recommendations to families, there are plenty of summer science projects that support learning outside the classroom. 

Summer science projects offer the perfect opportunity to introduce fun and educational experiences to students. At the same time, you can help students build their curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills. 

Summer Science Projects for Kids

In this blog post, we’ll explore a variety of summer science projects for kids, ranging from traditional experiments to tech-savvy adventures. These hands-on activities are designed to spark children’s interest in science and provide memorable learning experiences that will last a lifetime. I’ve also included a handful of augmented reality apps that support summer science projects, too!

An informative infographic highlighting various Summer Science Projects for kids, visually representing each project with engaging graphics.

Citizen Science Projects

Students can participate in a citizen science project where they gather scientific information. Kids can contribute to real scientific research by observing and documenting nature or climate. iNaturalist is one example of a tool that facilitates this type of summer science project. If you haven’t heard of it before, it is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society. On this page, they break down the steps on how to participate as a family or classroom.

Stop Motion Animation

Kids can create a stop motion animation to explore physics, biology, or chemistry concepts through storytelling. One tool that can help make this happen is the app Stop Motion Studio. It’s an awesome option for students with access to a tablet or smartphone and provides an opportunity to combine digital and analog activities.

Astronomy and Stargazing

If your students are excited about astronomy and stargazing, consider introducing apps like SkyView or Star Walk 2. These apps can help kids identify stars, constellations, and planets in the night sky and learn about astronomy.

Virtual Field Trips

I love sharing virtual field trips and often create compilations like this list for Earth Day and this list for summertime. Consider combining a virtual field trip with summer science projects to give students background knowledge on a topic or help them build vocabulary. You might explore natural and scientific sites like museums, zoos, or national parks through virtual field trips or interactive apps like Google Earth.

Coding and Robotics

Help students explore coding basics with platforms like Scratch or Blockly or program a robot with apps like Sphero Edu. If you are new to exploring coding, definitely check out one of these Easy EdTech Podcast episodes:

Weather Tracking

Use weather apps to track and analyze local weather patterns and compare them with other places in the world. You might use a local weather service’s website or a tool like to gather information. Students can also create their own summer journals where they document weather observations.

Plant a Garden

If they have access to an outdoor space, you might encourage students to start a small garden this summer. They can observe the growth and development of plants over time. Just like weather tracking, you might encourage students to create an interactive journal using a tool like Book Creator to capture observations.

Music and Sound Experiments

Students can use music creation apps like GarageBand or Soundtrap to experiment with sound waves, frequencies, and harmonics. If your students are excited about music, this is a great way to make a science connection.

Augmented Reality (AR) Science

For students with access to a smartphone or tablet, you might recommend summer science projects that use AR apps. I featured a few favorites in this episode of the Easy EdTech Podcast, but there are lots to explore. You can explore a wide variety of scientific concepts in 3D using augmented reality apps.

Online Science Experiments and Simulations

This summer, students can conduct virtual experiments and explore simulations on platforms like PhET Interactive Simulations. This tool also integrates with Nearpod, and kids can learn about topics like physics, chemistry, and biology.

Summer science projects are an excellent way to inspire children and cultivate their love for learning, even when school is out of session. With a wide variety of activities that cater to different interests and age groups, there’s truly something for every child. As you dive into the world of summer science projects, share your favorite ideas and recommendations with me on social media – send a message or tag me on Instagram or Twitter.

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