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Video Resources from OpenEd Online Library

13 Aug

Video Resources from OpenEd Online LibraryEarlier this year I shared OpenEd, an online educational resource library for K-12 students. OpenEd offers over a million assessments, homework assignments, videos, instructional games and lesson plans for every Common Core Math and English/Language Arts Standard as well as the Next Generation Science Standards. The website has tons of videos to show students that can be used to hook students at the beginning of a lesson or to clarify concepts during a unit of study. This infographic shows off some relatively unknown video publishers with videos in OpenEd’s library.

OpenEd lets teachers assign quizzes and homework to  students and automatically grades them, recommending videos and assignments in real-time and personalized based on each student’s progress in learning each Common Core standard. The result is a personalized learning experience for every student.

Check out some of the videos OpenEd offers or learn more about its resources by visiting the OpenEd website!

Master Basic Math Skills with Numbie

11 Aug

Master Basic Math Skills with Numbie Numbie is a mobile app for iPads and Android tablets that offers over 1,200 math challenges for students.  Aligned with first grade Common Core skills, Numbie is designed for children aged four to seven years old.  This colorful app has different chapters and levels that take students through a variety of topics.  They’ll tackle counting, geometry, patterns and lots more.

Master Basic Math Skills with NumbieIn addition to presenting different games for students to play, Numbie includes a dashboard that has detailed reports on student progress.  The dashboard tracks areas in need for improvement and can help you keep track of student performance.  Numbie is available in ten different languages.

Visit Numbie’s website to learn more or check out this video.  You can download Numbie on both the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Personalized Digital Learning with Istation Math

6 Aug


Personalized Digital Learning with Istation Math Istation Math uses game-like formative assessments and an adaptive online curriculum to address the needs of individual students.  This digital learning platform can screen students in your class to identify the areas where they need extra help.  Through interactive lessons with guided and independent practice, students can work to master foundational math skills.  Using Istation’s Indicators of Progress assessment (known as ISIP), teachers can see an overall math proficiency score for each student.  This score reports their understanding across content, depth of thinking, and the amount of support a student needs for success.

Personalized Digital Learning with Istation MathIstation Math also provides personalized insights with real-time data and reporting.  It shows teachers where students are meeting individual, state, and Common Core standards, and pinpoints where they have room to grow.  Istation Math helps teachers support small and whole group instruction with downloadable teacher-directed lessons, supplemental digital tools, and interactive whiteboard resources.  Istation Math is available on desktops, laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks.

Learn more about Istation Math’s subscription-based app by visiting their website!

TenMarks Math Platform: Individualized Online Support for Students

4 Aug

TenMarks Math Platform: Individualized Online Support for Students TenMarks is a powerful platform that helps teachers individualize math instruction for their elementary and middle school students.  It saves educators time preparing lessons, reinforces concepts to improve student outcomes, differentiates based on student need, and keeps kids engaged and motivated.

TenMarks Math Platform: Individualized Online Support for StudentsTenMarks Math and TenMarks Teach supports teachers as they work to meet the learning needs of every student through small group and data driven instruction.

In preparation for back-to-school, TenMarks has streamlined and improved both the teacher and student experiences.  There are tutorials for teachers new to TenMarks, and pacing guides that help educators connect TenMarks assignments to their curriculum. Students now have self-paced learning options with a point-based incentive system.  They’ll receive immediate feedback as they work through math problems.

With both free and premium solutions you’ll want to check out what TenMarks can bring to your students!



The Common Core and Digital Skills Development

3 Jul

 The Common Core and Digital Skills DevelopmentHere’s a preview of my post for Edutopia – click on the link below to read more!

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is a powerful set of expectations for student learning that has been adopted by districts across the country. One of the phrases associated with this document is college and career readiness. As we prepare students for life beyond the classroom, including digital tools in our instruction and making connections to technology in the real world is absolutely essential.

Students of all ages need experience using technology and developing digital skills that can be applied to multiple tasks. If we truly want children to be college and career ready, schools must take thoughtful and strategic action to include technology tools in classroom instruction.

The CCSS clearly states expectations for technology use as it applies to different content areas. These standards also give teachers the flexibility to incorporate a variety of strategies and resources. Educators can make decisions about how to address the Common Core, meet the needs of their students, and provide opportunities to strengthen digital skills.

Embrace Multimedia

The English Language Arts (ELA) Anchor Standards of the Common Core state that students should be able to “[i]ntegrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally” (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.SL.2). Students are bombarded by media outside of the classroom. They need to…

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25+ iPad Apps for Integrating Technology into the Writing Process

1 Jul

I’m at ISTE today sharing some favorites during my poster session 25+ iPad Apps for Integrating Technology into the Writing Process! View the presentation here:

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7 Apps for Student Creators

30 Jun

7 Apps for Student CreatorsHere’s a preview of my post for Edutopia – click on the link below to read more!

Creation-based tasks promote higher-order thinking, encourage collaboration, and connect students to real-world learning. Whether you’re teaching in a project-based learning classroom, engaging students with authentic assessments, or committed to pushing students to analyze and synthesize, providing opportunities for creation is a must.

Students who are “making” to demonstrate their learning can produce content that is shareable and valuable. Their creations can be geared toward a specific audience and viewed outside of the classroom. The sense of purpose that students have as creators can be leveraged to increase engagement and get learners of all ages excited about content.

There are a handful of dynamic iPad apps that can turn your students into creators. This doesn’t happen magically when they launch the apps. Combined with thoughtful planning, rigorous tasks, and clear expectations, your students can create powerful products that show you — and the world — what they’ve learned.

Book Creator

What better way to have students show their understanding of a topic than to write a book about it? Using Book Creator, students from kindergarten through high school can…

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