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Video Resources for Students from OpenEd Online Library

August 13, 2015

Video Resources for Students from OpenEd Online LibraryEarlier this year I shared OpenEd, an online educational resource library for K-12 students. It is a video resources for students. OpenEd offers over a million assessments and homework assignments. There are also videos, instructional games and lesson plans. This is available for every Common Core Math and English/Language Arts Standard as well as the Next Generation Science Standards.

The website has tons of videos to show students. You can use them to hook students at the beginning of a lesson. It can also be useful to help clarify concepts during a unit of study. This infographic shows off some relatively unknown video publishers with videos in OpenEd’s library.

Video Resources for Students

OpenEd lets teachers assign quizzes and homework to  students and automatically grades them, recommending videos and assignments in real-time and personalized based on each student’s progress in learning each Common Core standard. The result is a personalized learning experience for every student.

Check out some of the videos OpenEd offers or learn more about its resources by visiting the OpenEd website!

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