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Classroom, Inc. Literacy Games with Real World Connections

November 15, 2015

Classroom, Inc. Literacy Games with Real World ConnectionsClassroom, Inc. is a nonprofit that makes literacy learning games and project-based activities connected to the real world.  Designed for middle school and early high school students, their content is aligned to the Common Core State Standards in both reading and writing.  Classroom, Inc.’s newest game series “Read to Lead” integrates leadership skills such as critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving with written/verbal communication.  Students must read and write their way to success, while juggling the demands of a hectic workplace environment.

Classroom, Inc. Literacy Games

The two new games in this series are After the Storm and Community in Crisis.  In After the Storm students play the role of editor-in-chief of an online magazine. Community in Crisis asks students to play the role of executive director of a community service center.  The games use scaffolding and differentiated pathways to adapt to students’ abilities, and integrated assessments feed into an easy-to-use educator dashboard to identify student progress and problem areas.  Both new games in the “I’m the Boss” series come with extensive project-based activities that can extend learning from the games and encourage collaborative discussion, problem solving, and deeper dives into the content.

Learn more about Classroom, Inc. by visiting their website!

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