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Where To Find Educational Videos for Students

Have you ever held your fingers over the record button of a VCR to capture the exact moment something was about to happen on a television show? For many students (and younger teachers) this concept is entirely foreign. The stress and excitement of recording the perfect clip on a blank videotape are totally lost on […]

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CartoonSmart Video Tutorials for Students

Video Tutorials for Students can help kids make meaning of new information. CartoonSmart is a great resource for students and educators looking for video tutorials on Art, iOS development, HTML5 and more.  As one of the first video-learning sites on the web they’ve embraced the interest in mobile app development and have tons of tools for teachers […]

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How To Connect Teacher Tutorials to QR Codes

Scannable technology can be a powerful way for teachers to put content in the hands of their students.  This includes how to connect teacher tutorials to QR Codes. I’ve talked about how easy it is to make QR codes talk with audio clips and how to make a picture pop up on your screen as […]

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