digital literacy

How to Teach Copyright and Fair Use to Students

What does it look like to prepare students to navigate the digital world? This is a question I often tackle in both in my own moments of brainstorming and searching for new resources to share, as well as in conversations with fellow educators. Finding the right resources for teaching students the basics of copyright— including […]

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Designing Learning with Digital Networks in Mind – Easy EdTech Podcast 036

In this episode we’ll discuss your role in helping students make connections to the authentic experiences they have online while exploring subjects and topics that may come up in your classroom. You’ll hear several essential ideas to consider while designing learning with digital networks in mind as well as some EdTech resources to get you […]

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Mobile Parent Communication (with Students) from Tocomail

Looking for a Mobile Parent Communication tool? With Tocomail teachers can effectively create a walled garden class communication environment as they manage and monitor student communication.  Tocomail is also a great option for communication outside of classroom.  The families of your students can practice digital literacy skills at home by setting up parent accounts.  Parents can […]

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