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Mobile Parent Communication (with Students) from Tocomail

April 18, 2015

With Tocomail teachers can effectively create a walled garden class communication environment as they manage and monitor student communication.  Tocomail is also a great option for communication outside of classroom.  The families of your students can practice digital literacy skills at home by setting up parent accounts.  Parents can manage their child’s account and communicate digitally with Tocomail.

Mobile Parent Communication

Tocomail_Web_MailboxWhen a parent creates an account for their child they can control the contact list.  This makes is possible to have all family members and friends approved by a parent, who can then monitor correspondence.  Tocomail is available on iOS and Android devices and is accessible on the Web.  It can be used to teach digital literacy schools at home and support communication between faraway friends and relatives.

Learn more by visiting Tocomail’s website!

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