Grammar Lessons: Video & Writing Exercises from GrammarFlip

GrammarFlip is a self-paced, instructional program that offers an extensive set of engaging grammar lessons. GrammarFlip contains over 50 instructional videos, each followed by practice exercises and writing application activities.  Students learn at their own pace from instructional videos. Then they receive instant feedback from interactive practice exercises. Finally they can apply their knowledge through writing activities. […]

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Classroom, Inc. Literacy Games with Real World Connections

Classroom, Inc. is a nonprofit that makes literacy games and project-based activities connected to the real world.  It is for middle school and early high school students. Their content aligns to the Common Core State Standards in both reading and writing.  Classroom, Inc.’s newest game series “Read to Lead” integrates leadership skills such as critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving […]

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News-O-Matic News Articles for Kids on Computers & Chromebooks

This month I’ve visited a handful of elementary schools looking to use iPads and Chromebooks effectively in English Language Arts instruction.  News-O-Matic has been one of my favorite iPad apps to share with elementary school teachers.  I’m excited to announce that News-O-Matic news articles for kids is now available on new platforms. You can now […]

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Deliver Collaborative Lessons and Assessments with MimioMobile

This month Mimio launched MimioMobile for the Web — a new version of its MimioMobile application.  The web application lets educators deliver collaborative lessons and assessments to their entire class.  The release of their web version means that MimioMobile now works on virtually any device. MimioMobile now works on almost any device — Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, laptops, and even […]

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Zoom In: 18 Free History Lessons with Primary Sources

The Zoom In online platform features 18 skill-focused, document-rich lessons that address every era of U.S. history. Each interactive inquiry engages students in reading documents closely, gathering evidence, and writing an argumentative or explanatory essay. Free History Lessons Rich primary and secondary texts are at the core of Zoom In lessons, giving voice to multiple perspectives […]

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Grammarly’s Online Plagiarism Checker for Teachers & Students

Looking fo a plagiarism checker? Yesterday I attended the iBooks Author Conference in Nashville and a panel presenter mentioned Grammarly.  Grammarly has a plagiarism checking service available for teachers and students.  This feature lets users copy and paste text or upload a file to check for plagiarism.  The interface of Grammarly’s website makes it easy for […]

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Write About: Web-Based Writing Platform for Teachers and Students

Write About is a digital writing platform for classrooms with the mission of making writing fun and sharing easy. Looking to provide students with an authentic audience for their writing in a safe community? Write About is certainly sure to keep children engaged. Writing Platform Created by educators, Write About includes thousands of visual Ideas to spark every genre of […]

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Online Math Homework: Problem Solving with SOLVY

SOLVY is a totally free online math homework platform for students, teachers and schools.  With SOLVY students can access math problems that have been handpicked by their teachers.  Teachers can assign exercises for students based on their interest and needs. They’ll receive notifications when students require extra support based on their homework performance. Online Math Homework […]

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Frolyc’s New Browser-Based App for Chromebooks, Macs and PCs!

Frolyc is a terrific platform for K-12 teachers and students and an app for Chromebooks.  It lets users easily design interactive activities without the need to understand coding. In addition to their iPad app for students, Frolyc has now launched a browser-based app for students to interact with on Chromebooks, Macs and PCs. Browser-Based App for […]

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Student creativity in the classroom can facilitate successful learning. Incorporating the creative process into lessons enhances engagement, increases retention, and encourages communication. Students of all ages benefit from a clear demonstration of a lesson. Comprehension can be strengthened when creativity is incorporated. gives students the tools to combine imagination with information through a fun […]

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