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Special Opportunity from Cashtivity – Real World Math Challenge Tool for Teachers

June 6, 2016

Over the past year I’ve had the opportunity to work with the team at Cashtivity. It is a  fantastic math and entrepreneurship tool for teachers and students. They’ve developed a platform to help students build math skills through engaging, collaborative activities. Students can use Cashtivity to bring their ideas to life. Cashtivity includes bite-sized challenges for students. They connect to the real world while addressing national and local standards for middle school math.

They’ve revamped their project-based learning math tool to include challenges that students can complete collaboratively with classmates. I love the new focus of their powerful tool that introduces students to business concepts while reinforcing math skills across the curriculum.

Update – this promotion has now expired.

Real World Math Challenge

Special Opportunity from Cashtivity - Real World Math Challenge Tool for TeachersCashtivity is a project-based learning tool which empowers and scaffolds student learning. The content is available in a easy-to-use content stream. It includes instructions for each activity for  students as they work through the challenges. Each challenge is ready for a 45 minute class.

Cashtivity is giving ClassTechTips readers special access to their new math challenge tool!

You can sign up and I’ll connect you with their founder so you can start exploring their tool and get ready to bring it to your students. Cashtivity helps students understand how math connects to the real world and is present in their everyday interactions. I know you’ll see how powerful it can be once you try it out with students.

The first 75 folks to sign up will receive an e-intro to Cashtivity’s founder to get started with this super cool, project-based math tool. (Offer open until June 30, 2016)

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