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Adaptive, Interactive, Virtual World Fraction Game from Cignition

June 7, 2016

Mastery of fraction concepts is essential for student success in middle and high school math. The team at Cignition has developed online virtual world games. They were made to help students in fifth and sixth grade master fraction concepts. As part of Fog Stone Isle, each student is given a unique virtual world. In this world they have choice and creative freedom to construct their world. At the same time they will learn mathematical concepts and developing computational fluency.

Kids will solve complex math problems. They will also engage with a variety of fraction concepts as they create their virtual world on Fog Stone Isle. The fraction games have a deep integration of neuroscientific learning principals, effective pedagogy, and engaging game-play design.

Fraction Game for Students

Adaptive, Interactive, Virtual World Fraction Game from CignitionHow can you use the Fog Stone Isle free virtual world fraction games with students? Fog Stone Isle lets students play through the free fraction games at their own pace. They can use adaptive technology to monitor student progress. You can have students working on Fog Stone Isle during class time, at an after school club, or in the evenings and on weekends from home or a local library.

Cignition automatically creates problems that are just right for each student, and teachers can easily monitor progress. For each fraction topic (e.g. fraction addition) the comprehensive teacher workstation shows student progress through each of the conceptual leaps that must be made to master that topic. This means there are lots of fraction games for students!

Learn more about Fog Stone Isle from Cignition and sign up for a free teacher account! Once you’ve set up your teacher account your students can also sign up for free to get started with this interactive fraction game!

Check out their video or you can also tune into their webinar on July 28th at 4:00 pm ET to see how neuroscientific learning principles are integrated into our virtual world.

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