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27 Chatbot Prompts for Families to Try

Here in the Northeast, we’re quickly heading into the warm weather of spring and summer. You might have a few months or several weeks of school left in the year when you come across this blog post. However, this time of year is often one where we think towards summer or school breaks and how to set up students and their families for success. This might be the perfect time of year to collect some chatbot prompts to share with families!

Keeping students engaged in learning experiences outside school hours is often challenging. But with spring break, summer break, or even a long weekend on the horizon, it doesn’t mean all learning has to stop! 

Today on the blog, we’ll explore how to encourage families to use artificial intelligence tools, specifically generative AI like ChatGPT, Gemini, or Claude, to gather ideas for outside-of-school hours. We’ll look at chatbot prompts to share with families to help them make connections to course content, spark conversations, and find great resources to share with their kids.

What are Chatbot Prompts?

Chatbot prompts are questions or instructions you can share with an AI-powered chatbot. Numerous free chatbots are available, many of which can be accessed right on a family’s phone or computer. This year, I’ve hosted workshops and given presentations where I’ve shared ChatGPT and Gemini, just two examples of chatbots. 

You might have explored one of these resources:

Why Share Chatbots with Families?

  • Accessibility: Chatbots are available 24/7, making them the perfect learning companion for busy families. Many of these chatbots are free, so families won’t have to sign up and pay for something new.
  • Personalized Learning: Chatbots offer tailored responses and cater to individual interests. This means families can ask for help with a task or gather ideas tailored to their needs.
  • Fun and Engaging: Chatbots turn learning into an enjoyable, interactive experience. Families might write songs or riddles together or gather ideas related to a specific learning goal.

27 Chatbot Prompts for Families

On the list below, you’ll find a handful of prompts you can share with families. These are super simple, and you might find that they are the perfect entry point for a family exploring generative AI for the very first time. When introducing these to families, you will want to model how to type this into a chatbot and make small tweaks related to their child’s interests.

Learning Something New

  • Tell me about [topic child wants to learn more about].
  • Let’s create a list of fun summer projects for my [age/grade level] child.
  • We live in [city/state]. What are some problems in our community that need solving?

Storytelling Together

  • Write a story with ‘Once upon a time…’ about [topic].
  • Create a story with a [child’s favorite animal] as the main character.
  • Invent a superhero with the power of [add their power].

Exploring History

  • What happened on this day in history?
  • Tell me about a famous person born [today’s date or your child’s birth month].
  • Explain the events that led up to [moment in history] so it is easy for my [grade level/age] child to understand.

Want more prompts to try with a chatbot? Download my free guide!

ChatGPT eBook Cover

Movie Recommendations

  • Make a list of kid-friendly movies that take place in [period of history].
  • Suggest movies that feature [child’s interest].
  • My kids loved [name of movie]. What other movies might they like?

Book Recommendations

  • We’re in the mood for a funny book – what can I read aloud to my [grade level/age] child?
  • Recommend a book with a character who [describe a type of character].
  • I want to read a [genre] book aloud to my child, who is reading at a [reading level]. Make a list of five suggestions.

Homework Help

  • Explain [tricky homework concept] in simple terms.
  • Give me practice questions and answers for [topic] that I can share with my [grade/age level] child.
  • I want to help my [grade level/age] child with their homework. Can you help me understand this word problem? 

Science Explorers

  • We have [food items] in our refrigerator. What can we cook for dinner tonight?
  • Tell me about [scientific concept] and how it impacts my child and me on a daily basis.
  • Explain [scientific phenomenon] with a metaphor.

Global Connections

  • What’s the weather like in [another country] right now?
  • Teach me how to say ‘hello’ in five different languages.
  • Tell me about a traditional food from [country of interest].

Silly Stuff

  • Write a song about [topic] to the tune of [popular song].
  • Create five knock-knock jokes on [topic].
  • Write a [poem/riddle] about [topic] that I can share with my [grade/age level] child.

Chatbots provide a stimulating and adaptable way to support our students’ growth over the summer. Share these prompts, encourage families to get creative, and let’s turn the break into a season of discovery and fun learning experiences! 

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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