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Math Game-Based Learning with Prodigy: Free Learning Tool

25 Aug

 Math Gamification with Prodigy: Free Learning ToolAs teachers, we know there is no better time to motivate and empower students than at the beginning of a new school year. Introducing game-based learning into the classroom can help you do just that and Prodigy’s curriculum-aligned math game is one I’d recommend you check out.

Math Gamification with Prodigy: Free Learning ToolProdigy is a completely free adaptive math game that integrates Common Core, MAFS, and TEKS standards into a fantasy style game students will love to play. Prodigy takes game-based learning a step further and provides teachers with a powerful set of reporting and assessment tools that allow them to easily identify trouble spots, differentiate instruction, and save tons of time. Over 200 new curriculum-aligned skills were added to Prodigy over the summer, including interactive and multi step questions for students in first through eighth grade.

Visit Prodigy’s website to get started with this completely free math game!  

Back-To-School Giveaway from TenMarks’ DREAM Big Campaign

21 Aug
Back-To-School Giveaway from TenMarks' DREAM Big CampaignTenMarks Amazon is encouraging teachers to DREAM Big to kick off the 2015-2016 school year!
Dream stands for: D = Differentiate, R = Reinforce, E = Engage, A – Assess, M = Motivate
Earlier this summer I shared how TenMarks supports classrooms teachers by helping them individualize math instruction while saving time.  TenMarks is running a back-to-school giveaway where teachers can win gift cards and an Amazon Fire Tablet.
All you have to do is sign up for a TenMarks account, and share your big dreams for the new school year and/or how you will D.R.E.A.M. on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest with the hashtag #DreamBigBTS.  You also have the option to enter for more chances to win on their Giveaway page.
Learn more about TenMarks and the DREAM Big campaign by visiting their website!

Action Graphing: Math & Physics iPad App

19 Aug

Action Graphing: Multitouch Math Practice iPad App Gamification is a powerful way to engage students in the science and math classroom. The Universe and More, a nonprofit company founded by a high school teacher, has released a new game called Action Graphing. This iPad app helps students understand key concepts related to graphing.  Students will learn how to analyze and interpret graphs to model the motion of real objects.  They’ll see how the slope of the line represents an object’s velocity and the y-intercept of the line represents the object’s position.

Action Graphing: Multitouch Math Practice iPad AppAction Graphing helps teachers differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of individual students during graphing lessons.  It’s a great option for students who need extra practice at home or for teachers to recommend to families during an Open School Night.  Action Graphing has over sixty levels for students to move through and saves data to document student progress.

Visit Action Graphing’s website to learn more!

Master Basic Math Skills with Numbie

11 Aug

Master Basic Math Skills with Numbie Numbie is a mobile app for iPads and Android tablets that offers over 1,200 math challenges for students.  Aligned with first grade Common Core skills, Numbie is designed for children aged four to seven years old.  This colorful app has different chapters and levels that take students through a variety of topics.  They’ll tackle counting, geometry, patterns and lots more.

Master Basic Math Skills with NumbieIn addition to presenting different games for students to play, Numbie includes a dashboard that has detailed reports on student progress.  The dashboard tracks areas in need for improvement and can help you keep track of student performance.  Numbie is available in ten different languages.

Visit Numbie’s website to learn more or check out this video.  You can download Numbie on both the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

TenMarks Math Platform: Individualized Online Support for Students

4 Aug

TenMarks Math Platform: Individualized Online Support for Students TenMarks is a powerful platform that helps teachers individualize math instruction for their elementary and middle school students.  It saves educators time preparing lessons, reinforces concepts to improve student outcomes, differentiates based on student need, and keeps kids engaged and motivated.

TenMarks Math Platform: Individualized Online Support for StudentsTenMarks Math and TenMarks Teach supports teachers as they work to meet the learning needs of every student through small group and data driven instruction.

In preparation for back-to-school, TenMarks has streamlined and improved both the teacher and student experiences.  There are tutorials for teachers new to TenMarks, and pacing guides that help educators connect TenMarks assignments to their curriculum. Students now have self-paced learning options with a point-based incentive system.  They’ll receive immediate feedback as they work through math problems.

With both free and premium solutions you’ll want to check out what TenMarks can bring to your students!



ModernChalkboard: SMART Board Lessons for the Elementary Classroom

19 Jul

ModernChalkboard: SMART Board Lessons for the Elementary has a large collections of SMART Board lessons for elementary school teachers.  Their Notebook lessons work with SMART Board interactive whiteboard systems and cover a variety of topics. Created by the same team as SuperTeacherWorksheets, ModernChalkboard has tons of resources for teachers looking to energize their SMART Board lessons.

ModernChalkboard: SMART Board Lessons for the Elementary ClassroomThere are plenty of interactive math activities on topics that include perimeter, telling time, counting money, and fractions.  Electricity, human body, and the solar system are just a few of the science topics you’ll find. ModernChalkboard also includes interactive classroom calendars, social studies topics, grammar lessons, and early literacy.

ModernChalkboard is offering two promotions: use the code TWENTY to save $20 on individual memberships or the code SMART for $100 off a school site license membership.

You can check out a some of ModernChalkboard’s free SMART Notebook files on their site!

15 Free Apps for Math Practice

17 Jul

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