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Nuten Math Keyboard for iPhones: Type and Share Expressions

1 Oct
unnamedOne of the great new features for iOS devices this year is the ability to add additional keyboards to your device.  Nuten is a powerful math and science keyboard for the iPhone.  It is an easy-to-use math keyboard available now on iPhones.  With Nuten, students and teachers can quickly create both simple and complex mathematical expressions and share the resulting images through native apps like Messages, Mail, or Twitter.
Nuten covers a wide range of mathematical symbology, from basic algebra to differential and integral calculus, statistics, set theory, and logic.  Its intuitive keyboard design includes over 200 symbols.  Whether students are working on homework problems from their mobile device or teachers are supporting students who need extra help, Nuten is the perfect app for quickly sharing ideas, saving important equations, and helping friends who need it right from your phone.
Learn more visiting Nuten’s website or download Nuten from the Apple App Store!

The Kinder Corral: Free Kindergarten Math Game for Tablets

30 Sep

The Kinder Corral: Free Kindergarten Math Game for TabletsThe Kinder Corral is an interactive math game available for iOS and Android devices.  This app included farm-themed games that explore math for Kindergarteners. The set of five games begins with tracing numbers and ends with greater than or less than comparisons.  Geared towards students preparing for Kindergarten, The Kinder Corral includes bright colors, playful animation and a journey through a farm using real world experiences.

The Kinder Corral: Free Kindergarten Math Game for TabletsIf you’re looking for an app that helps students build foundational math skills, The Kinder Corral is full of educational and engaging activities.  Kids will count newly hatched eggs, see relationships between shapes at a farm, and compare vegetables.  The Kinder Corrall has no in-app purchases or advertising and could be used for intervention or practice inside and out of school.

This totally free app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  Visit The Kinder Corral’s website to learn more!



Waggle from Triumph Learning: Online Practice and Instruction

29 Sep

Waggle from Triumph Learning: Online Practice and InstructionWaggle from Triumph Learning provides a blended learning solution to help teachers achieve success beyond the test. It analyzes different aspects of student behavior to tailor a unique learning path for each student. The software meets each student where they are on the learning continuum and cultivates a safe environment that encourages students to explore. Waggle provides a differentiated instruction tool set to meet the needs of individual students using real time reporting to pinpoint strengths and areas in need of improvement.

Waggle uses three key metrics to measure progress: proficiency, grit and pacing levels. Waggle also provides differentiated instructional tool set for teachers with Triumph Learning’s Coach resources, including lessons, tests, quizzes and practice items.  With resources for Math and ELA, Waggle is a great choice for teachers looking to support students learning at a different pace than their peers.

Visit Triumph Learning’s website to learn more about Waggle!

Osmo Numbers: A Brand New Interactive Math Game

23 Sep

Osmo Numbers: A Brand New Interactive Math GameOsmo is an amazing company that has transformed the way educators use iPads in the classroom.  Their interactive games let students combine tangible manipulatives with a digital device.  I was introduced to Osmo when it first came out and now they have a brand-new app and toy called Osmo Numbers.  Osmo Numbers turns math into an engaging, interactive experience that lets students explore number concepts.  With real time feedback kids can learn from their mistakes and problem solve as they work to find the answer.

Osmo Numbers: A Brand New Interactive Math GamePlaying with Osmo is really a must see to believe experience.  As you move the number tiles across a table the iPad registers them and connects your movements to the game.  The object of this underwater-themed game is to release the fish captured in bubbles by combining the numbered tiles to reach a matching sum.  Watch this video to see how Osmo Numbers works.  Osmo addresses a handful of skills including math sense where students learn from trial and error and collaboration as kids work together on a shared screen.

Visit Osmo’s website to learn more about Osmo Numbers and their other super fun apps!

Online Math Homework: Problem Solving with SOLVY

20 Sep

Online Math Homework: Problem Solving with SOLVYSOLVY is a totally free online math homework platform for students, teachers and schools.  With SOLVY students can access math problems that have been handpicked by their teachers.  Teachers can assign exercises for students based on their interest and needs. They’ll receive notifications when students require extra support based on their homework performance.

Online Math Homework: Problem Solving with SOLVYSOLVY can save teachers time, helping them use their time efficiently while providing a real world context for learning in the math classroom.  This web-based tool is accessible on lots of different devices.  Students can interact with a graphing tool and teachers can see student work for solving each problem to pinpoint any errors or misunderstandings.

SOLVY is now available for Algebra I. Learn more about by visiting their website!

Math Game-Based Learning with Prodigy: Free Learning Tool

25 Aug

 Math Gamification with Prodigy: Free Learning ToolAs teachers, we know there is no better time to motivate and empower students than at the beginning of a new school year. Introducing game-based learning into the classroom can help you do just that and Prodigy’s curriculum-aligned math game is one I’d recommend you check out.

Math Gamification with Prodigy: Free Learning ToolProdigy is a completely free adaptive math game that integrates Common Core, MAFS, and TEKS standards into a fantasy style game students will love to play. Prodigy takes game-based learning a step further and provides teachers with a powerful set of reporting and assessment tools that allow them to easily identify trouble spots, differentiate instruction, and save tons of time. Over 200 new curriculum-aligned skills were added to Prodigy over the summer, including interactive and multi step questions for students in first through eighth grade.

Visit Prodigy’s website to get started with this completely free math game!  

Back-To-School Giveaway from TenMarks’ DREAM Big Campaign

21 Aug
Back-To-School Giveaway from TenMarks' DREAM Big CampaignTenMarks Amazon is encouraging teachers to DREAM Big to kick off the 2015-2016 school year!
Dream stands for: D = Differentiate, R = Reinforce, E = Engage, A – Assess, M = Motivate
Earlier this summer I shared how TenMarks supports classrooms teachers by helping them individualize math instruction while saving time.  TenMarks is running a back-to-school giveaway where teachers can win gift cards and an Amazon Fire Tablet.
All you have to do is sign up for a TenMarks account, and share your big dreams for the new school year and/or how you will D.R.E.A.M. on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest with the hashtag #DreamBigBTS.  You also have the option to enter for more chances to win on their Giveaway page.
Learn more about TenMarks and the DREAM Big campaign by visiting their website!
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