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Boost Math Skills with Pilot School Opportunity

What strategies have you tried to boost math skills in your classroom? You can help students review challenging content and practice what they’ve learned this school year using chatbots, online resources, and even tutors. There is a platform called Eedi designed to help close the math achievement gap in your school or district. 

Eedi helps figure out where students are struggling, what misunderstandings may exist, and the best next steps to support them as learners. This year Eedi is looking for five schools to partner with in the United States for an exclusive pilot opportunity. 

Today on the blog, I’ll share how Eedi works, along with the special pilot opportunity from Eedi and how to see if your school is the right fit! 

Boost Math Skills with Eedi

Using a combination of chat-based learning, adaptive software, and the ability to access tutors, Eedi can help students boost math skills. As a parent, teacher, or school administrator, you can set up individual students or an entire school or district with personalized support.

Screenshot of an interactive online platform designed to assist students in honing their math skills through engaging practice exercises and resources.

Eedi is for students in upper elementary through high school. They have tens of thousands of questions for students to access. These questions can help them review content to help boost math skills in an area they have struggled with in the past. Or you might use this platform to present content to students that are in need of additional challenges.

How does Eedi work?

The first step to getting started with Eedi is to set up your classroom. (Use this link to set up a call and find out how to become a pilot school).

Once your classroom is set up, students will take an assessment. It includes diagnostic questioning to figure out what children already know and understand. Eedi’s content aligns with state standards across the United States.

A user-friendly virtual learning platform displayed on-screen, offering students a variety of math practice activities to improve their proficiency and confidence.

This diagnostic assessment will identify the gap in student understanding and addresses the most common misconceptions. This information will help it craft a plan for students. In addition, a user-friendly chat system will also prompt students to think about their answers as they work through problems.

If students struggle with a particular concept, the chatbot in Eedi will suggest next steps for students. This can include a lesson for them to review to help revisit a strategy related to a particular concept.

Closing the Achievement Gap

With Eedi, you can check student understanding of over 2,000 math skills. Their content aligns with state standards and can help address student misconceptions and confusion as they work to boost math skills. If you are working to close the math achievement gap in your classroom, school, or district, this can help you address the needs of individual students. The team at Eedi has shared success rates with past engagements that close over 90% of knowledge gaps.

creenshot showcasing a dynamic online math platform, featuring an assortment of educational tools and exercises aimed at enhancing students' mathematical abilities.

If you’re ready to add an additional layer of support, you may want to explore Eedi Plus+. With Eedi Plus+, students receive access to a tutor within a matter of seconds. These tutors are qualified educators who offer live support and answers to student questions seven days a week.

Become a Pilot School

Right now, the team at Eedi is offering an opportunity for schools in the United States to pilot their platform. They are an international company that has aligned its content to US state standards and is looking for schools to pilot their program. Eedi is partnering with five schools to pilot the platform in the United States. This is an excellent opportunity for a school that is working to close the math achievement gap. You can support students with chat-based support and live tutoring.

Interested in becoming a pilot school? Use this link to book a ten-minute call with one of their team members. On this quick call, you can determine if your school is right for the pilot and the next steps for signing up.

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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