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Engaging Algebra Game for Middle School Math

What words would you use to describe your middle school math instruction? How do students feel when they enter the classroom? If you’re unsure what words to use or wish the adjectives were different, then you’re not alone. Today on the blog, I have a new game-based course to share with you. It’s an algebra game designed to make math fun, engaging, and relevant.

ProblemScape is a new game-based course that follows the common-core standards for sixth-grade algebra. This is a crucial topic for math students and sets them up for success as they move into deeper mathematical concepts. However, algebra is a topic that might feel intimidating to students – and that’s why learning math through ProblemScape’s 3D adventure game can transform your traditional instruction.

Let’s take a look at this new game for middle school students, along with three reasons to try it out this school year!

Algebra Game for Middle School 

What does an algebra game include? ProblemScape is a narrative adventure game that spotlights real-world applications of math. Students move through different chapters. In each chapter, the content is connected to the different authentic ways students can apply their learning. 

The instructional content integrated into the game gives students access to a variety of ways to interact with algebra content. Videos, animations, and work examples help them learn new concepts as a supplement to traditional math classroom instruction. 

The team at RoundED Learning is looking for schools to pilot ProblemScape click here to learn more >>

One of the reasons I think this algebra game is particularly compelling is how it leans into the “why” behind the content. There are videos throughout the game that explain the ‘why’ of each action you take to solve a problem. For example, the ‘why is there an order of operations’ and ‘why do we add only like terms’ are available throughout the game to help students learn new concepts they can apply in multiple contexts.

Algebra Game - Infographic

3 Things to Look for in an Algebra Game

If you’re ready to introduce your students to an algebra game this school year, there are a few factors to consider as you review your options. In addition to making sure the learning experience is engaging and fun for your middle school students, you want to ensure a level of depth to the gaming experience.

Beyond memorization

Are students asked to do more than just memorize? When reviewing an algebra game, keep an eye out for the ways students will apply their learning. Within ProblemScape, there are innovative components like Teachpad, which asks the students to teach virtual characters to solve problems. This ensures that students understand concepts deeply – going beyond memorization.

SEL connections

As I mentioned at the top of the post, new math topics can feel intimidating for many students. When searching for an algebra game for your students, you’ll want to consider SEL. ProblemScape connects the process of learning math with best practices for social-emotional learning (SEL). They address students’ math anxiety and self-efficacy as they strive to increase motivation throughout gameplay.

Research-based design

In addition to providing a fun, engaging experience for students, you want to make sure that an algebra game is grounded in research. RoundED Learning, the team behind ProblemScape, has a research-based design product certification from Digital Promise.

Algebra Game for Middle School Math

Special Algebra Pilot Opportunity

The team behind this new algebra game is looking for schools to pilot ProblemScape in the next few months. So, if you want to help your students get a better understanding of algebra concepts and improve their end-of-year assessment scores, this pilot is worth exploring.

And if you are planning to teach algebra as a part of your summer program, ProblemScape has spots for you in their pilot program, too. ProblemScape is great for intervention, and students entering grades seven and higher can use this game to refresh, review, or relearn foundational algebra concepts to prepare for the upcoming school year. 

Do you want to make math instruction more fun, engaging, and relevant this school year? Try out the ProblemScape algebra game for middle school math students. This page has more details on how to sign up for free and try out ProblemScape in your classroom!

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