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Digital Writing for Classrooms- Write About Web Tool & App-min

Digital Writing for Classrooms: Write About Web Tool & App

Are you using digital writing tools with students? The team at Write About has developed an online platform and mobile app to help students grow as writers inside and outside of the classroom. I’ve shared their iPad app across the country during professional development sessions on Writing Workshop with Technology with teachers. I’m very excited about their website! The Write About digital writing tool gives users access to: hundreds of visual ideas to… Read Article →

LibriVox Free Audio Books: Search & Download Classics

LibriVox Free Audio Books: Search & Download Classics

If you read on a digital device you’ve probably searched through the free books category and found books in the public domain. There are many classic pieces of literature teachers and students can download to read for free on their smartphone or tablet. Started over 10 years ago, LibriVox is a fantastic online resource for free audio books – letting users everywhere search and download audio files of classics. LibriVox uses… Read Article →

Shakespeare eBooks from The New Book Press-min

Shakespeare eBooks from The New Book Press

This month marks Shakespeare’s 452nd birthday and you’re bound to find information popping up about this great playwright. Teaching this 17th century writer to 21st century student can be tough – that’s where Shakespeare eBooks come in play. The The New Book Press’ WordPlay Shakespeare eBook series breathes new life into reading the Bard, by putting a filmed performance next to the text. Now, actors “walk onto the page” making comprehension easier and quicker… Read Article →

Buncee’s Newest Feature Stitching-min

Buncee’s Newest Feature: Stitching A Collaboration Tool for Students

Buckle up! Buncee has some exciting news. This powerful, yet easy-to-use, cloud-based creation and presentation tool has recently added a new feature called clip and stitch. This feature lets teachers combine their students’ slides to create a single, awesome Buncee. Not yet familiar with Buncee? Before diving into the new feature, here’s a quick introduction. Students love its simplicity. In seconds, Buncee puts them in the driver’s seat and engages them in… Read Article →

CommonLit Online Resource for Fiction and Nonfiction Passages-min

CommonLit Online Resource for Fiction and Nonfiction Passages

Searching for fiction or nonfiction passages is a challenge when you’re looking for that just-right short text. CommonLit is a website full of leveled passages for students in fifth through twelfth grade. It organizes texts into collections to make it easy for teachers to find a passage to share with their students. When you visit ComminLit’s website you’ll find different collections to explore. These collections are organized by themes including: Power & Greed,… Read Article →

History of the Olympics-min

History of the Olympics: Assignments from Edcite

It’s time for Round 2 of the Edcite Olympic Games series! In this round, they have shared some truly engaging formative assessments about the history of the Olympics. In case you’re not familiar with Edcite, it is a free platform that offers an extensive library full of teacher-created assignments. The assignments use technology-enhanced question types, videos, audio, and more. Try one of these formative assessments today and look for more… Read Article →

Learn Vowels and New Vocabulary with Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen-min

Learn Vowels and New Vocabulary with Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

I’m a huge fan of Tiggly – the company behind the toys that interact with the screen of a iPad. When they reached out to me to share Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen I was very excited about their partnership with such a powerhouse in early childhood education. Children can learn vowels and new vocabulary with Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen with a fun-filled cookie making experience. Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen includes more than 90… Read Article →

Online Rubrics and Grading Support from BoomWriter PRO 1

Online Rubrics and Grading Support from BoomWriter PRO

BoomWriter PRO is a tool for teachers that includes online rubrics and grading support. Teachers can access rubrics and student progress analytics to simplify the grading process. Customized rubrics are available for the upper elementary, middle, and high school grade levels. Teachers can use BoomWriter PRO to access standards-based rubrics to assess their students’ performance and skills in virtually all areas of writing.  …. In addition to accessing online rubrics, teachers can use… Read Article →

Creative, School Storytelling App from Dr. Panda

Creative, School Storytelling App from Dr. Panda

In Dr. Panda School, kids will be able to play school and explore fun and creative activities with this storytelling app . This includes painting and sculpting in the art room, growing plants in the school yard, teaching a history class, and even making favorite foods in the cafeteria. Perfect for young students, Dr. Panda School lets kids create and tell their own stories. They will explore and role play within the… Read Article →

Printables and PDFs on the Web for Reading, Math & More 1

Printables and PDFs on the Web for Reading, Math & More

I know how challenging it can be to find the perfect resource to support students as they build English Language Arts and math skills. You might be looking for a practice activity for your whole class, a small group, or just a select number of students who need extra help or enrichment. The folks at Super Teacher Worksheets have over 10,000 printables on the site. It’s more than just worksheets on Super Teacher. You’ll find… Read Article →