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Blue Planet Tales: Interactive Storybooks for Tablets

5 Oct

Blue Planet Tales: Interactive Storybooks for Tablets
I spend a lot of time visiting schools and talking to teachers about accessing text from tablets.  Blue Planet Tales is an app for iPads and Android devices that places interactive texts in the hands of students.  Students can read along with the text and there are questions at the end of each book.

Blue Planet Tales: Interactive Storybooks for TabletsBlue Planet Tales is a great choice for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments with a mix of Android and iPad tablets.  Students can access a variety of texts straight from their mobile tablet.  This app is full of stories that connect to social studies and science topics.  Topics include Apollo 11, Davy Crockett and Marie Curie.  The app is free to download and each book is purchased individually – users all have the option to sign up for a subscription service.

Learn more about Blue Planet Tales by visiting the app store links above!

5 Language Learning Apps for iPads

3 Oct

5 Language Learning Apps for iPadsHere’s a preview of my post for Teachability – click on the link below to read more!

The portability of a tablet makes it easy to learn on the go.  Students using their own personal device or spending time with an iPad in school can benefit from the many educational apps available in the Apple App Store. Children learning a new language can access tons of apps that support language acquisition.  These apps combine visuals, audio cues, colorful images and games to grab the attention of students and help them understand the meaning of new words.

Kids’ Vocab – Mindsnacks

This app is engaging and addictive, with tons of games to help students master the English language.  It covers 350 vocabulary words all grouped together into…

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Waggle from Triumph Learning: Online Practice and Instruction

29 Sep

Waggle from Triumph Learning: Online Practice and InstructionWaggle from Triumph Learning provides a blended learning solution to help teachers achieve success beyond the test. It analyzes different aspects of student behavior to tailor a unique learning path for each student. The software meets each student where they are on the learning continuum and cultivates a safe environment that encourages students to explore. Waggle provides a differentiated instruction tool set to meet the needs of individual students using real time reporting to pinpoint strengths and areas in need of improvement.

Waggle uses three key metrics to measure progress: proficiency, grit and pacing levels. Waggle also provides differentiated instructional tool set for teachers with Triumph Learning’s Coach resources, including lessons, tests, quizzes and practice items.  With resources for Math and ELA, Waggle is a great choice for teachers looking to support students learning at a different pace than their peers.

Visit Triumph Learning’s website to learn more about Waggle!

Vocabubble App for iPads: Whimsical Illustrations & New Words

25 Sep
Vocabubble App for iPads: Whimsical Illustrations & New Words
Vocabubble is a whimsical iPad app that helps children discover new words.  This unique vocabulary app connects students to new words associated with the letters of the alphabet.  Each letter brings several different pictures to life.  The classical illustrations move about the screen as new words are spelled out for students.
Vocabubble App for iPads: Whimsical Illustrations & New WordsDesigned for children ages 3 to 7 years old, Vocabubble can be used to leverage what students already know about the letters of the alphabet to help them increase their vocabulary.  The goal of this app is to help students learn new words while interacting with the letters and pictures on their screen.  The combination of familiar illustrations and letters flowing across the screen makes this a neat choice for after school practice or station work.  Vocabubble is available in four different languages and doesn’t have any ads or in-app purchases.
Visit the Apple App Store to learn more about Vocabubble!

Speed Reading Academy for iPads

22 Sep

Speed Reading Academy for iPadsSpeed Reading Academy is a fun, educational app that helps young readers build their fluency and stamina.  This interactive app is designed to help students increase their reading speed while playing along with the game.  Speed Reading Academy works in English, Spanish, Italian and Romanian. While students make their way through each activity they will see simple words on the screen that increase in complexity.

Speed Reading Academy for iPadsAs students move through the levels of Speed Reading Academy they’ll be introduced to new words and improve the reading ability by eliminating subvocalization (saying the words in their head).  The exercises are designed to help kids recognize large chunks of words together the same way they internalize sight words.

Learn more about Speed Reading Academy by visiting the Apple App Store or watching this video!

Write About: Web-Based Writing Platform for Teachers and Students

21 Sep
WriteAbout: Web-Based Writing Platform for Teachers and Students
Write About is a digital writing platform for classrooms with the mission of making writing fun and sharing easy. If you are looking to provide students with an authentic audience for their writing in a safe community, Write About is sure to keep children engaged.
Write About: Web-Based Writing Platform for Teachers and StudentsCreated by educators, Write About includes thousands of visual Ideas to spark every genre of writing and custom groups for student interests, classroom projects and collaborations.  The layers of publishing for sharing include a local or worldwide audience.  Teachers can personalize annotations and provide private voice feedback on student posts.  The new Write About School/District level platform was launched this summer and allows for powerful digital writing options to be leveraged across wider rollouts.
Teachers can join and participate in the Write About community for free and easily set up student accounts to fully test a Classroom membership. Unlimited student posts for up to 40 students is $24.95 a year and for up to 250 students is $39.95 a year.
Learn more about Write About by visiting their website or checking out this video!


Actively Learn: Increase Student Engagement with Informational Text

12 Sep

Actively Learn: Increase Student Engagement with Informational TextActively Learn is a reading platform that can be used to monitor student engagement in reading.  It’s a customizable online tool that can be used to achieve different goals.  As opposed to a standard reading program, this online reading platform can be used to promote collaboration and discussion while giving teachers a way to assess student understanding and increase access to high-interest reading materials.

Actively Learn: Increase Student Engagement with Informational TextWith Actively Learn, students can sign in and pick from a selection of nonfiction passages that pique their interest.  There are polls, multimedia and discussion questions to keep kids engaged with the text.  Teachers can leave notes for students within their reading material and kids can answer questions to demonstrate their understanding.  Students can annotate the text as they read and access extra features like a dictionary.  This is a great option for teachers looking to monitor student engagement and keep kids interested and excited about informational text.

Learn more by visiting Actively Learn’s website!


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