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7 Favorite Apps to Use with Book Creator

You probably know by now that I’m a huge fan of Book Creator. I love apps that help students demonstrate their understanding and tell their stories. One great aspect of Book Creator is how users can easily integrate media they’ve created in other apps.

How does this work? If your students have created a video or image in one of the 7 apps below all they have to do is save it to the Photos library on their iPad. Book Creator lets users import media saved to their device so students can add that screen cast, collage, or video clip to any page of their book.

Here are seven of my favorite apps to use with Book Creator!

  1. Explain Everything This amazing screencasting app can be used to create math tutorials, animations that bring Social Studies topics to life – you name it!
  2. Adobe Spark Video Students can use this simple and powerful moviemaking tool to create videos like a public service announcement.
  3. Tellagami This avatar app is a favorite of teachers. Kids can use it to make a video on just about any topic.
  4. PicCollage With PicCollage students can combine text and images to make a colorful scrapbook page.
  5. Stop Motion Studio This super cool stop motion app makes it easy to create high quality videos. You can try using Legos to retell an event from history.
  6. Adobe Spark Post Students can create their own posters with this dynamic app. Try using Spark Post to design a book cover.
  7. ChatterPix Kids Another teacher favorite, ChatterPix Kids makes your picture come to life. Just swipe a mouth, record your voice, and press play.



Guess what? I’m hosting a special webinar next month all about these 7 apps (and a few more!) You can sign up on Book Creator’s website and check out the list of other upcoming webinars too.

Did I leave your favorite off the list? Tell me! Leave a comment below.






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