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Customizable Interactive Storybook App from Gingersnap Studios

June 26, 2016

Earlier this month I had the chance to see Gingersnap Studios’ awesome interactive storybook apps in action. They have two fantastic storybook apps that let you put yourself in a story for your children. With Gingersnap Studios’ apps you can snap a selfie and place your face in interactive storybooks. It’s certainly an engaging tool for students!

Interactive Storybook App

Parents, grandparents, or any family member can personalize stories and gift them to their children. After families create their story they complete an in-app purchase. Then they can send the access code through an email or on a postcard.


What kind of interactive storybook can you make? There are two fantastic interactive storybooks now available – Henry VIII and Shakespeare & Saddlebags. Henry VIII is part of a partnership with Historic Royal Palaces and is all about the Tudors. Shakespeare & Saddlebags was created in partnership with the Shakespeare Theatre Association and takes children on a journey in America during the Gold Rush of 1856. I love how these apps combine historically accurate information, interactive games, and also a compelling narrative with a personalized reading experience.

Learn more about Gingersnap Studios by visiting their website!

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