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Stop Motion Studio Lessons for iPad Teachers

July 20, 2015

Stop Motion Studio is a filmmaking app you can use across the content areas.  Looking for Stop Motion Studio lessons? Stop Motion is similar to the Lego movies you may have seen made by filmmakers on YouTube. It also is similar to how claymation characters move across the screen.  In the classroom teachers use this app in lots of ways. Students can demonstrate their understanding of content in lots of subject areas.

Stop Motion Studio Lessons

Stop Motion Studio Lessons for iPad Teachers

This app combines still images to make a stop motion animation film. In the Social Studies classroom students can move figurines across the screen to show a historical event in action.  In the Math classroom students can use virtual manipulatives to model the solution to a math problem.

Apple has created an iBook full of lesson ideas for teachers using Stop Motion Studio with their students.  It includes activities for Science, Social Studies, and more.

Visit the iBookstore to check out the Stop Motion Studio Ideas iBook. Or you can also download Stop Motion Studio from the App Store!

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