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5 Ways to Use Scannable Shomi Links in the Classroom

June 29, 2016

Scannable technology is powerful in the hands of students. Have you checked out my new book with the ACES Framework for #ScannableTech integration? Then you know how passionate I am about this subject. I’m very excited about Shomi Links – a type of scannable technology you can easily and effectively integrate into your classroom.

So how can you use Shomi Links in your classroom?

Shomi Links can do anything QR codes can do – and more! This means they instantly link the physical page to digital content. One of the things that makes them different is that it’s a font-based scannable technology. Teachers can can put multiple links on paper. Since Shomi Links can be reduced to a size 10 font you can easily fit them into a line of print.

All Shomi Links are dynamic which means they can be amended or deleted at any time after they are generated. So if you change your mind on what content you want to connect to a link all you have to do is switch the destination on Shomi’s website. All Shomi Links are trackable in real time. This provides teachers valuable information on student usage and engagement, helping them make decisions about upcoming lessons and areas of student need.

Teachers can get quick student feedback about their assignment or activity in real time. All you need to do is connect a Shomi Link to a survey form such as Survey Monkey or a Google Form. Shomi lets teachers create content from their mobile device using the Mobile Page Builder. This tool is easy to use and makes creating links quick and simple with just a few steps to follow to make your own links.

Shomi Links are a great tool to leverage the power of scannable technology in the classroom. You can learn more about getting started by visiting Shomi’s website!

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4 Responses to “5 Ways to Use Scannable Shomi Links in the Classroom”

  1. Hi Monica! Your blog and website have inspired me do amazing things in my classroom! I am a bit new to scannable tech beyond the QR code and Shomi Links sound fantastic! Is there a way to place a Shomi link inline with text using google docs or in my blog? The downloaded Shomi font shows up in pages and microscoft word but not on Chrome. Is there an extension or fix to this? I have searched for the answer with no luck and know you are an expert. Thank you so much for your help!!

    • Monica

      Great questions Emily! I reached out to the Shomi folks to see what they had to say, here’s their message:

      When using Shomi Link in applications that do not support the Shomi Font, you can use the Shomi Link Image instead of the Shomi Link option. When you have created your Shomi Link, use the Shomi Link image by clicking on the download image icon (circled in red), save the image to the desired location and then place the image into the desired document.

      With this option, font support is not required. Perfect for platforms like Google Docs or any other cloud based platforms.

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