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5 Video Projects for Student Readers (feat. Adobe Spark)

How do your students share their reading experiences with the world? Movie-making activities help students talk about favorite books. They can use this format to share what they’ve learned from reading. Whether you’re focused on literature or informational text, students of all ages can share their reading experiences in video projects. Video Projects for Student […]

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Must-Try Video Activity for Student Reflections

The end of the school year is often a time for reflection. As a classroom teacher, I spent time reviewing resources, making wishlists, and thinking about what I wanted to bring along into the next school year. In addition to our own goal setting and planning, this time of year is perfect for student reflections. […]

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CueThink for Dynamic Math Problem Solving on iPads

CueThink is an iPad app designed to improve students’ math problem­ solving skills.  The platform centers around a “thinklet,” a showcase for student problem­ solving.  This video vignette captures the steps each student takes as they solve a problem. Students can share these responses with the teacher and classmates. CueThink provides a framework for critical thinking […]

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