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Telestory Lesson Ideas for Moviemaking and Digital Storytelling

Digital tools can help students demonstrate their understanding and apply what they’ve learned in engaging, real world contexts. What I love about the Telestory app from Launchpad Toys is how students can quickly and easily become creators. Although there are other apps that let you create a book trailer or share a special moment (see […]

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PicsArt Free Photo Editing, Collage & Drawing App

PicsArt is a free photo editing, collage and drawing app. In addition to being a creative hub where artists can collaborate and create together, it is a valuable tool for the classroom.  PicsArt is helping students and teachers enhance learning by making it simple, easy and fun to express their creativity. Whether it’s adding graphics to a slide […]

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ToonSpaghetti Story Lab: Classroom Edition App

ToonSpaghetti Story Lab is a fun educational story making studio for children five years of age and older. It was designed to improve performance in literacy, music and the Arts. With ToonSpaghetti, kids engage with story text and add media to create fully animated masterpieces. They can solve word games and challenges to build descriptive vocabulary and […]

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New York Times Virtual Reality App: Free VR Experience

It’s so exciting to add another powerful virtual reality app to the list of things you can do with Google Cardboard.  If you haven’t played around with Google Cardboard it is a low-cost tool to turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewfinder.  The folks at the New York Times are embracing this tool as a way to […]

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iPad Comic Creator: Updated Features from Comics Head

Last year I shared Comics Head, an engaging app for storytellers.  Students of all ages can create their own comics, storyboards, and presentations with the iPad app Comics Head.  With the new update to Comics Head (version 3.0) students and teachers have access to handful of new exciting features in this iPad comic book creator app. […]

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Create Storyboards & Graphic Organizers with Storyboard That

Students can create storyboards and graphic organizers on the web with Storyboard That. Storyboard That is a web-based application that turns students into creators.  This fantastic online tool includes tons of resources for students and teachers.  They can make their own storyboards and graphic organizers using thousands of characters, word bubbles, icons and symbols.  Giving students […]

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Seedling Comic Studio Digital Storytelling App

Seedling Comic Studio is a digital storytelling app for making comic books.  By combining photographs with backgrounds and stickers, students can tell their own stories.  Graphic novels and comic books are fantastic ways to get students excited about reading.  If you’re looking to keep students interested in the writing process, a comic book can be a great […]

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Winter Projects for Your Classroom with Buncee

Wintertime can often be hectic for teachers. So how can you incorporate winter projects? Buncee could be the answer to your cold-weather classroom blues! Holiday breaks, standardized testing, and indoor recess – it is a busy time of year. Things can go from mundane to madness in just a matter of weeks. But here’s the good […]

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Publish Student Work with Scribblitt: Online to Hardcover Books

Digital storytelling is a topic that I’m passionate about and there are fantastic tools to get students writing on mobile devices.  Scribblitt provides tools to young authors like Story Starters to get the creative juices flowing and a Planning Tool to help with the writing process.  Kids can access a unique Illustration Tool to create professional images. There […]

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Student creativity in the classroom can facilitate successful learning. Incorporating the creative process into lessons enhances engagement, increases retention, and encourages communication. Students of all ages benefit from a clear demonstration of a lesson. Comprehension can be strengthened when creativity is incorporated. gives students the tools to combine imagination with information through a fun […]

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