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Telestory Lesson Ideas for Moviemaking and Digital Storytelling

April 1, 2016

Digital tools can help students demonstrate their understanding and apply what they’ve learned in engaging, real world contexts. What I love about the Telestory app from Launchpad Toys is how students can quickly and easily become creators.

Although there are other apps that let you create a book trailer or share a special moment (see my list of digital storytelling tools below!), one of my favorite ways to use Telestory is to create news reports. Students can use the playful news report feature to share what they learned about a topic. By creating concise news reports students can share facts and details while integrating real world skills like hooking an audience and choosing words and tone that convey a message.

Lesson Ideas for Moviemaking

Telestory Lesson Ideas for Moviemaking and Digital StorytellingTelestory could be used with tasks like:

  • Create a public service announcement to convince your classmates to ____ (fill in the blank) ____.
  • Share a news story from an event in history. Make sure to include five domain specific vocabulary words and reference contemporary figures.
  • Describe a special moment from your own life from the perspective of a news reporter sharing information on the event.
  • After a field trip, record highlights of your favorite part of the trip including why or why not someone else should visit that place.

Although you might not use this at the end of every lesson, it is a great option for finishing the week or wrapping up a mini-unit on a topic. Students can share their creations with their peers or show off their movie to families, siblings or students in other classes. Establishing this audience early on in a lesson is a great way to promote buy in among students and keep them interested and engaged in content. You’ll want to provide support materials like a checklist or planning page to help individuals or groups stay on task as they work.

Have you used Telestory in your classroom? Do you have ideas for this super-fun app? Share in the comments below.

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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