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Science4Us Digital Science Curriculum: Includes Embedded PD Resources

Science4Us is a standards-based digital science curriculum that teaches science using the 5E inquiry-based instructional model. In addition to over 350 digital games and online activities, there are tons of offline experiments. There are also hands-on projects to boost student engagement. It’s a great choice for teachers looking to include cross-curricular activities that connect science instruction to math and language arts. Students […]

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Free Multicultural Stories from Global Oneness Project

I love free resources and here’s one perfect for teachers of multiple disciplines!  The Global Oneness Project also offers free multicultural stories and accompanying lesson plans for high school and college classrooms.  Their award-winning collection also includes films, photo essays, and articles. These resources explore cultural, social, and environmental issues. All of these are from around the world […]

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ModernChalkboard: SMART Board Lessons for the Elementary Classroom has a large collections of SMART Board lessons for elementary school teachers.  Their Notebook lessons work with SMART Board interactive whiteboard systems and cover a variety of topics. They are from the same team as SuperTeacherWorksheets. ModernChalkboard also has tons of resources for teachers. This includes those looking to energize their SMART Board lessons. SMART […]

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Language Arts Activities in the Science Classroom with Science4Us

Cross-curricular experiences are essential for students of all ages. Ready for new Language Arts Activities? Well we know from real world experience that science and literacy can go hand in hand. In addition to providing a complete K-2 science curriculum that meets Next Generation Science Standards, Science4Us integrates language arts activities that help children practice a number of literacy […]

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10 Apps and Online Museum Resources for Students

Finding the time and resources for on-the-ground field trips can be a challenge.  You want to make sure you have all of the resources your students need anytime of the school year. Whether your students are visiting the museum, or you just want to find the very best resources for them to explore in your […]

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TIME Edge: Engaging Nonfiction and Digital Literacy Resource

Students need experience navigating digital text and reading nonfiction.  TIME Edge is a web-based platform that is accessible through any browser on any device.  It includes engaging nonfiction passages, tools and multimedia features to take students deeper into the current events articles. It aligns to English Language Arts standards for 7th and 8th graders. This is […]

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Fun with Circuits: Electronics for Kids

Fun with Circuits makes Electronics for Kids fun, simple, and accessible for children.  Designed for kids five and above, Fun with Circuits incorporates literacy skills into circuit exploration.  It combines storytelling and circuit building to engage young learners with foundational STEM skills.  Kids read a story, learn the key concepts, and make new circuits. Electronics for Kids There are so many […]

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Science4Us is a K-2 Digital Curriculum. This program connects to standards, and digital science experiences.  This program is based on the 5E inquiry-based instructional model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate.  Teachers can decide how to deliver material.  This program is flexible enough for whole group lesson, small groups or one on one instruction.  It includes embedded teacher support […]

Read More Earth Day Contest is a creation and presentation tool. They are is hosting The buncee Earth Day Contest. To enter, students K – 8 will be asked to create a buncee. The buncee should also answer the question, “What could your school do to help protect the Earth?” The winners will receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card and […]

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How are students showing off their Science Fair Projects this school year? is a web and mobile tool for teachers and students to easily create their own multimedia content. The fun digital canvas makes it easy for students. They can add the power of digital media to all kinds of school projects. This is especially true […]

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