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3 Adobe Spark Post Activities for Your Classroom

February 28, 2016
Spark Video and Spark Page are two of my favorite creation tools to share when leading workshops of K-12 teachers. They are both easy to use and very student friendly. Spark Post is the new addition to this trio of powerful Adobe apps. Adobe Spark Post lets users add text to images and create posters straight from their iOS device.

3-adobe-spark-post-activities-for-your-classroomHere are three Adobe Spark Post activities to incorporate in your next lesson:

  1. Use Adobe SparkPost to add text to a Primary Source document. Students can create captions or add labels to important parts of the image.
  2. Create a meme that corresponds to a persuasive piece of writing. This visual can connect to the main argument or call to action.
  3.  Make a poster using a quote from a favorite character. Decide what background images, patterns and colors communicate the mood of the quote.
Access Adobe Spark on the web or find the more information about their iPad and iPhone apps by clicking here.


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