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The District-Wide Applications of Real-Time AI Filtering

Can you use AI to better filter content for students? We often think about filters as a way to block the bad stuff for students. Ensuring online safety is crucial, but so is maximizing learning potential. There are many reasons why a school or district might invest in an EdTech solution that supports web filtering. 2022 PISA data provides insight into the cost of digital distractions, including their negative impact on student math scores worldwide. Traditional list-based filters often need to catch up, leaving teachers and admins battling distractions and students frustrated by blocked resources.  

Web filtering keeps schools CIPA compliant, but these filters don’t have to get in the way of classroom learning experiences. And they shouldn’t create more work for IT teams and teachers. Traditional list-based filters use just a list of words or websites to decide what content is okay to share with students and which pages a school network should block. This tool can block perfectly relevant content just because it uses a blocked word somewhere – even if the context is acceptable for students. For example, schools won’t block the word “adult.” If they do, then they will unintentionally block “adult education” when they just want to block “adult movies” and similar inappropriate content. With content filtering powered by artificial intelligence (AI), that won’t be necessary because the AI is able to recognize contextual nuance. 

Real-time AI filtering helps you minimize distractions, maximize engagement, and free up precious teaching time to have a greater impact on student success. It can also help support active learning, engage students, and empower educators simultaneously. 

Today on the blog, we’ll look at Deledao, a platform you can use to rethink what’s possible when it comes to filters in K-12 education. They use real-time AI content filtering to ensure online safety and maximize learning potential.

AI Filtering and Personalized Learning

What does it look like to use AI filtering in your school or district? Regular readers of the blog might remember Deledao. I spoke with Kevin Kuckkan, Vice President of Business Development at Deledao, on my Easy EdTech Podcast, all about “How Real-Time AI is Transforming Schools.” We chatted about the differences between generative AI and real-time AI filters.

Earlier this school year, I also featured Deledao in a spotlight on “How AI Can Help Students Learn Digital Self-Regulation.” Students have different needs throughout the school day and can benefit from personalized support in navigating online spaces. Deledao can provide a supportive digital learning environment with clear boundaries for students. At the same time, it offers flexibility to personalize learning pathways based on each student’s ability to stay engaged. 

An informational graphic titled 'How AI Content Filtering Can Enhance Digital Learning' featuring a laptop with statistical graphs and a smartphone displaying educational content, illustrating the use of AI content filtering in digital education platforms.

Personalized Learning Pathways with Deledao

We often think of personalized learning as developing pathways for students related to their content area needs. However, you might be able to picture students in your classroom, school, or district with varying needs related to how they use digital learning tools, too. For example, you might have one student in mind who is easily distracted and needs consistent support navigating digital spaces. The AI filtering with Deledao will prevent access to all distractions online for that student, and the teacher can keep them in a more controlled space. Deledao’s small group option in its ActiveInstruct™ classroom management tool is also perfect for providing this level of personalized support.

Additionally, some students can work without distractions most of the time. This type of student can benefit from AI filtering, too. AI filtering can help them build even more self-regulation. A teacher might allow more website access for that student so they can practice staying on task without an additional level of monitoring.

I love how Deledao’s AI filtering empowers teachers to support every student. With this balanced approach, students can confidently explore, experiment, and develop critical digital self-regulation skills within a secure learning environment. Students who get a bit more distracted than their peers and students who work independently within digital spaces can benefit from different support levels. Every student can have the appropriate guidance to help them make responsible choices online, preparing them for success in the digital world.

Smart AI Content Filtering from Deledao

Instead of blocking something by mistake – such as educational content that a traditional filter unintentionally blocks – smart AI filtering ensures that all educational resources are readily accessible. This way, teachers can integrate valuable online tools into their lessons right away. They won’t have to wait for a colleague in IT to add a domain or resource to the “allowed” list in their school or district.

In addition to filtering text-based resources – what usually comes to mind when thinking about web filtering – Deledao also supports image and video filtering with its proprietary MediaMonitor™ AI technology. It uses AI content filtering for real-time image and video blurring. This filtering provides an additional layer of protection without sacrificing learning opportunities on sites like YouTube.

Real-Time AI Filtering Can Positively Impact School Districts

There are lots of ways that Deledao’s real-time AI filtering can positively impact your current digital learning environment (DLE). Let’s take a look at the impact AI filtering can have on all stakeholders in a K-12 school and district.

 IT Administrators

IT administrators can reclaim control of their network and proactively defend against online distractions like embedded games or “unblocked games” via real-time AI scanning.  With over 250,000 sites going live daily, old school technologies are no longer effective. Deledao helps IT teams simplify their workload by providing a new way of filtering for K-12 schools that’s proactive and nuanced. In this day and age of IT departments being stretched thin, while the workload continues to grow, Deledao takes this work off of IT so they can focus on other initiatives for the district.

District Administrators

With real-time AI content filtering, district administrators can ensure that device-use in their schools aligns with learning goals. They can help minimize distractions and maximize the impact of EdTech resources to help increase student engagement and promote academic success. Distracting games and websites are a thing of the past, with AI filtering that can be personalized at the district, school, classroom, and student levels.

Classroom Teachers

Instead of policing students who are off task, AI filtering can foster digital self-regulation skills. Teachers with access to Deledao can empower students to explore safe and relevant content and focus on teaching.


Deledao can help families stay confident that their child is protected during the school day as a result of robust AI filtering that keeps them safe online. Their monitoring creates a haven for children, keeping them within appropriate boundaries as they learn to navigate the digital world.  

Students of All Ages

Students experience a safer, more responsible internet as they navigate digital spaces. Student learning content is front and center, thanks to the AI filtering provided by Deledao. This fosters the growth of digital self-regulation, a skill they’ll carry into their future use of digital spaces inside and outside the classroom.

Check out Deledao’s AI Filtering

The Deledao real-time AI content filtering solution is certified by Digital Promise in Research-Backed Product Design. It has an ESSA Level IV designation by an expert panel from LXD Research. The Deledao solution has undergone rigorous evaluation and is supported by robust research evidence that Deledao is designed to solve challenges in the learning process.

Ready to check out Deledao? Share this blog post with your admin team or contact the team at Deledao today. They can set you up with a demo so you can see how Deledao can help you build a thriving digital learning environment in your district using AI content filtering.

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