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Choosing the Right Kids Writing Tablets for Your Classroom

How do your students capture and share their learning with technology? Boogie Board invented the world’s first reusable LCD writing and drawing tablet in 2009, and they have fantastic options for you to explore this school year. These durable, kid-friendly writing tablets are perfect for classroom use.

As a classroom teacher, I often looked down at my hands to find them covered in ink from dry-erase markers. My students had access to small dry-erase boards, too, but it was always a struggle to find markers that actually worked, and it was a source of frustration for all of us. Today on the blog, I’m excited to share the Re-Write and Re-Write Max Kids Writing Tablets from Boogie Board. 

Let’s explore how you can harness the power of Boogie Board’s LCD Tech in your classroom this year!

How Kids Writing Tablets Are Changing Classroom Learning

I’m not the only teacher who was frustrated with dry-erase boards in my classroom. Boogie Board identified that lots of teachers have had enough of the mess of dry-erase boards and having to constantly re-purchase and replace markers that dried out. They developed Re-Write and Re-Write Max Kids Writing Tablets as a more sustainable – and cleaner – alternative for classrooms.

You can use these writing tablets when working one-on-one with students. They’re also a great option to use during small group instruction, or while teaching a whole classroom of students. The products are designed to be very intuitive and fun for students of all ages, including young learners. Although your students might interact with connected laptops or tablets (i.e. Chromebooks or iPads) during other parts of the day, the Re-Write and Re-Write Max Kids Writing Tablets are a perfect way to leverage digital tools that are different from these familiar devices.

Reasons to Use Kids Writing Tablets in Your Classroom

As I mentioned earlier, there are lots of reasons to consider using writing tablets in your classroom this school year. In addition to avoiding messy dry-erase boards and the need to replace dry-erase markers, there are oodles of benefits.

Infographic illustrating "Reasons to Use Kids Writing Tablets in Your Classroom," highlighting the benefits and educational impact of integrating LCD writing tablets.

The Re-Write and Re-Write Max Kids Writing Tablets from Boogie Board can help you save lots of paper, which has both a financial and environmental impact. They are made with durable materials, so you can feel confident they will hold up as students use them daily. These writing tablets are easy to disinfect, and the products from Boogie Board undergo safety testing, too.

As you can see in the video above, student writing on the Re-Write and Re-Write Max Kids Writing Tablets is bright and crisp. The boards and styluses from Boogie Board are ergonomically designed, so they’re easy for students’ hands to hold.

If you’ve spent time with a student who gets frustrated when they want to start from scratch, a simple press of the erase button will clear the board so students can start fresh. 

Avoid Copycat Writing Tablets for Kids

Over the past couple of years, multiple “copycat” brands of LCD tablets have arrived on the market. Boogie Board is committed to making sure schools avoid using these copycat writing tablets as they don’t carry the same level of quality. The Re-Write and Re-Write Max Kids Writing Tablets from Boogie Board are designed to stand up to the wear and tear of a classroom.

These copycats are often not bright enough for classroom use, the writing can bleed, and they can break quickly. The team at Boogie Board knows that they have a long-lasting, durable, and safety-tested product.

They take this so seriously that if you are a teacher and you own a low-quality LCD writing board tablet, Boogie Board has a swap program. It’s under the product authenticity portion of their website and you can enroll and receive a free sample of Re-Write or Re-Write Max. That way, you can experience the difference for yourself. Then, you can decide if you’d like to purchase a bundle for your classroom or school.

Writing Tablets from Boogie Board

Box of Boogie Board kids writing tablets on a desk, showcasing an innovative, tech-forward writing solution for classroom use.

Ready to check out the Re-Write and Re-Write Max Kids Writing Tablets from Boogie Board? Reach out to Boogie Board’s education sales team to take advantage of special promotions. This includes their education pricing for classroom orders.

Simply email – and their team can share pricing and order options with your school’s administration or point of contact for ordering classroom supplies. And here is a link to their order form for schools. Boogie Board is a part of Kent Displays, Inc. They are headquartered in Ohio and have a customer service team ready to support you this school year.

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