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10 Winter Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Do you switch up your classroom bulletin boards for different seasons? Today on the blog, I have a handful of winter classroom bulletin board ideas you can tailor to your own learning space. They are ready for you to customize so students can showcase their work, learn about members of their school community, and explore winter themes.

In this post, you’ll find a handful of interactive winter classroom bulletin board ideas that connect to the season. From exploring global winter traditions to spotlighting goals for the new year, these ideas combine physical displays with digital interaction. Let’s dive into these ten ideas for winter bulletin boards.

Winter Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Before we jump into the list, a quick note – if you love bulletin boards, bookmark these posts on “11 Interactive Fall Bulletin Board Ideas” and “7 End of Year Bulletin Board Ideas” from earlier this year.

Snowflake Science

Create a board showcasing the science behind snowflakes. Include microscope images of snowflakes and information on how they form. You can connect this display to student work creations, too. Have students use Seesaw to create digital snowflakes and explain their patterns in a video post. Then, print the QR codes that connect to their video and add them to the bulletin board.

Winter Wonder Read Aloud

Have a display of staff members’ favorite books from the past year. Include QR codes that link to a Padlet where staff can post book reviews, and students can comment with their thoughts or questions. In addition to these staff favorites, you might spotlight favorite winter selections from an online space like Storyline Online.

New Year’s Goals Tree

Instead of picking just one goal for the upcoming school year, have students come together to create a tree where each branch represents a different goal. You might make a template in Google Slides to have students write their goals on digital leaves that can be printed and added to the tree. This is a great way to celebrate a digital creation in a physical space.

Winter Chill Playlist

There are lots of winter playlists already curated in music platforms like Spotify. You might make your own winter-themed playlist that captures sounds associated with the season. Or you might find a few that are ready to share. Use a QR code creator (like this quick action in Adobe Express) to create a QR code that links to the playlist. If you display this bulletin board in a community space, families can scan and save the playlist to listen to over winter break. 

Screenshot of Adobe's QR code maker tool, useful for creating interactive elements for classroom bulletin boards.

Movies About Books

If you have a list of books students will explore during the second half of the year, you might make a display that shows off some of these titles. You can include “where to watch” information like a streaming service or which videos are available at a local library. Alternatively, you might create a list of books you’ve already read together that have movie versions.

Infographic visually summarizing "10 Winter Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas," providing a range of creative and festive designs for educators.

Seasonal Poetry Corner

Encourage students to write winter-themed poems. Students can create a collage or illustration corresponding to their poem to display on a bulletin board. Then, they can snap a picture of their poem and add it to a page in a collaborative space like Book Creator to compile them into a class digital book. You can include a QR code on the bulletin board so families can download the class book.

Tasty Travels

Is there such a thing as winter foods? You might showcase winter foods from around the world on a bulletin board, too. Here is a list from National Geographic with ideas to explore. You could also include a link to an interactive map for students to see how close or far two places on the list are from one another.

Winter Wildlife Watch

Have you introduced a live animal cam to your students? There are lots of places that utilize this technology to show off how different animals live. This list includes a few places that show outdoor spaces that can help students explore different seasons. You might add a picture of 5-7 animals to a bulletin board space to introduce animals you’ll look at together over the course of the winter.

Weather Forecast Board

For an interactive winter classroom bulletin board, students can set up weather predictions at the start of the week. Students can access weather predictions for your area using a local or national website. And even spotlight the weather in another part of the world that they are learning about. At the end of the week, they can reflect on what was correct about the predictions.

Historic Winter Events

Use a winter bulletin board to showcase significant winter events with a timeline. This could include a breakdown of one event, like the Antarctic Expedition (December 14, 1911), when Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and his team became the first to reach the South Pole. Alternatively, you might spotlight historical events that took place just in the month of January or that connect to a particular part of the world.

Ready to get started with one of these winter classroom bulletin board ideas? Each of these is ready for you to customize for your learning space. I’d love to hear which one is your favorite – or what you would add to this list! Send me a message on Instagram or Twitter (X), or reply to one of my Monday newsletters (sign up for free) to let me know.

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