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Professional Learning to Explore the Science of Reading

Reading takes place across the school day in all content areas. This is because it’s such a vital part of the way that we learn. As educators, we know that there are specific strategies that help students grow as readers. So how can you use the science of reading to make sure every student is a proficient reader?

As you prepare to tackle the science of reading throughout the school year, Lexia® Aspire™ Professional Learning has resources designed to support teachers working with elementary and middle school-aged students. With their self-paced, online professional learning solution, you can explore the best research-based strategies to support your student readers.

In today’s blog post, we will look at the science of reading alongside the professional learning opportunities from Lexia Aspire Professional Learning.

The Science of Reading

What is the science of reading? The term the science of reading refers to the research about reading and the best way to support growing readers in our classrooms. As a classroom teacher, I used a variety of strategies to support my students as readers. And throughout my time in the classroom working with fifth-grade students, I saw how specific strategies impacted students to help them strengthen their literacy skills.

We know that literacy instruction isn’t just for early elementary students. It’s essential to how we teach our students throughout elementary and middle school. If you’ve identified this as an area of professional growth, there is an online platform that can support your professional learning this school year. 

Explore the Science of Reading

Professional Learning for the Science of Reading

Aspire Professional Learning from Lexia is a professional learning solution designed to meet the needs of all educators in grades 4–8. This includes teachers in a classroom setting who work with the same group of students throughout the day. It also includes content area instructors (such as social studies or science teachers) who see multiple groups during the school day. And if you are working with students in an intervention role, their professional learning resources have you covered, too.

The goal of Lexia Aspire Professional Learning is to train all educators to incorporate literacy skills and strategies into their instruction. With their resources, you’ll explore how to support students as they strengthen their reading, comprehension, and communication skills in every subject area. In addition, the platform provides actionable information for teachers. They can put research into practice thanks to the “Bridge the Application” opportunities throughout the courses. This feature helps teachers take big ideas and turn them into ready-to-use classroom strategies.

Explore the Science of Reading

Learning About Reading Instruction

How can you learn more about the science of reading? One of the things that I really like about the Lexia Aspire Professional Learning opportunities is how it is adaptable. You can make choices on how you use the resources to make sure they meet your needs. As you explore the evidence-based strategies they cover in the platform, you can choose the most relevant content to improve your students’ literacy outcomes. With this option, you can prioritize learning about strategies that will truly make an impact in your classroom.

Regular readers of the blog know that I love sharing resources that help make teachers’ lives easier. So you can certainly imagine how much I appreciate that Lexia Aspire Professional Learning offers on-demand support. This way educators can access professional learning content at a time that works best for their schedule. There is personalized support for educators, and you can even earn graduate credits. These come from the American College of Education for participating in the program.

Lexia Aspire Professional Learning is grounded in the science of reading. If you’re looking for a flexible, self-paced, professional learning opportunity for teachers, their online resources have you covered. Head over to their website to learn more about this digital solution for all educators working with elementary and middle school-aged students. 

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Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, Author, Speaker, and Curriculum & EdTech Consultant. Visit her site for more ideas on how to become a tech-savvy teacher.

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